Your Questions About Solar Panels

Daniel asks…

Has anyone used solar panels to heat their pool, and what are your comments about them?

Trying to decide between a wood burner that heats the pool, or solar panels. Has anyone had any experiences with either and what are your opinions?

ssadmin answers:

Solar pool heating is an incredibly efficient method of heating the pool. You need to be sure to size it correctly, 1 panel isn't going to make any difference. Generally you need the equivalent of 70 – 100% of the pool surface in solar panels, depending on your location.

You can check out some solar pool heating kits at

Here's a great article on solar pool heating from the US Department of Energy;

Donna asks…

If I have solar panels for electricity, will I still have to be hooked up to the electric company?

In other words, is it possible to power all of my appliances and household equipment with electricity from solar panels? Or will I still have to do business with th electric company?

ssadmin answers:

You would need a huge number of solar panels to provide all your electricity needs. Especially in the winter when much sunlight is blocked by clouds.

In short, you would still have to do business with the electric company.

Mandy asks…

What are the solar panels by the side of the track for?

I was just wondering if the question about solar panels at the side of the tracks was ever answered. I drive by one every day going to and from work and was just curious.

ssadmin answers:

The solar panels are most often recharging battery back-up systems for any electronic devises near by, such as trackside detectors, signal relay bouses, signals, crossing protection and so on.

In the more remote areas of the country, where electricity lines have not yet reached, they are the primary source of power for these types of devices, which in fact are bettery operated.

Ruth asks…

Can you solder solar panels together to get more power?

I have getting solar panels from these solar lights at Walmart. Well some of them are broken, but the solar panels are still in good shape. So I wanting to put the together to maked a large solar panel big en ought to power a laptop
If you can how do you solder them together? Do you link them together just like a double A's?

ssadmin answers:

Agree with gintable. You need to do this according to guidelines and any local building codes for the safety of yourself while installing and safety afterwards. This is electricity.

These are quite cost-effective, and there are also incentives from Federal govt and many state governments to upgrade panels. Article discussing incentive, including links for state incentives/rebates is below.

Mary asks…

Where can I find good info on installing solar panels in an existing home?

I just bought a house, and I want to install solar panels to help the enviornment and decrease energy costs. Where can I get info on buying and installing the panels?

ssadmin answers:

Depends on a lot of things.
Where do you want to put them, on the roof or against the house on the south side?
What latitude is the house positioned at?
How much water usage do you plan on?
Do you have sufficient hot water storage present?
What is the size of the floor space in the house?
Do you plan on using radiant floor heating?
What kind on heating does the house have now?
Does the house have a fireplace?

I my self would go with the Molten Thorium fluoride reactor.
Hard to get but well worth the money!

Best Regards

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