Your Questions About Solar Panels

Thomas asks…

How do you calculate how much energy solar panels create in a month?

I am doing research on solar panels and I am having trouble figuring out how much energy each one can produce in a given span of time. Knowing this would help me to approximate how many I would need to offset certain consumers in my home.

ssadmin answers:

Lucky you! The National Renewable Energy Lab has already created an application to do pretty much what you're looking for. It's called pvwatts, and is linked below.

What you do is click on the map for the city nearest you, then enter the size of your proposed array, it's tilt, and orientation. You'll get a month-by-month printout of the expected energy output. This is based on historical measurements over almost 40 years, so takes into account local climate, such as fog, rain, and altitude.

If there is no reference city near you, you can still use another version of the program to do predictions for an arbitrary location.

Donald asks…

Am I allowed to put solar panels on my home/business in Plano Texas?

And what are good resources to learn about solar energy from, and where can i buy solar panels.

ssadmin answers:

You should call a company that installs solar panel systems. They will do the evaluation, best location, return on investment, and apply for any rebates that are available from the state.

Betty asks…

How much does it cost to install solar panels?

I already have 18 solar panels I just want to know how much it will cost to install them.
Please give me a price i don't want to call someone and ask them to give me a quote, i want an actual price.
I just want them hooked up to my house so i wouldn't have to use the city's power, and no i do not have any batteries.

ssadmin answers:

Depends how you want them installed and where. Give more details for a more accurate answer. Id say probly around 2 grand tho…

Lizzie asks…

What are the materials composition to make solar panels?

I am interested to know the materials composition to produce solar panels.
I know its made of silicon. I want to know what are the raw materials used to make solar panels.

ssadmin answers:

Most terrestrial solar panels are made from silicon

Sandy asks…

How much to install solar panels on a building?

I know the cost of how much solar panels are but what is the price to install them?If I were to install about 10 on a building?

ssadmin answers:

Hello! That is great that you are thinking of installing solar panels. Just to be clear, I believe you are talking about solar panels to produce electricity, aka photovoltaic panels. As mentioned in previous answers, the cost of installation will vary depending upon your location. But a good estimate is $7-$10 per Watt for a grid-tied, battery-less system.

So if you installed 10-200 Watt solar panels, that would be 2000 Watts (2 kW) and cost approximately $14,000-$20,000 before rebates and incentives. Be sure to check for local rebate programs and read about the 30% federal tax credit here:

Good luck!

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