Your Questions About Solar Panels

Lisa asks…

How much money would it cost to have solar panels installed in an entire city?

I have to write a bill in class and I want to know how much money it would cost for a city to run on wind and solar panels. It doesn't have to be a specific amount. . .

ssadmin answers:

Depends on size of city, but a small city $100,000,000.00 would be a good start and still wouldn't be enough for all power needs. For one house PRICE: $16,475 (July 1 2008) for less than half of the power all ready in use per house so lets say $35000 per avg. House for 90% all electricty needs if house is heated with natural gas. That figure only works with residintal homes not commercial bulidings expecily not manufracturing.

Sharon asks…

Would adding wind turbines and solar panels to utility poles be feasible to replace current electricity?

We already have utility poles and the wires and such. Why couldn't we just add a wind turbine , solar panels, converter and battery and just convert the whole system. Instead of living off grid, we change the grid. But my research is frustrating me. I need to know if it could possibly work.

ssadmin answers:

It would not work.

The complaints from the people living near the poles would be intense. Then maintenance. And liability.

One reason there are not as many wind turbines as people would like to see- or not see- is due to a number of factors, NIMBY is one, but also not many areas are conducive to wind power. As for solar, Panels produce DC, again, aestetics. Panels also have a wind load- which can snap typical power poles in high winds. Do you want one falling on your car, or getting lift and carrying into your house?

The thing is, the “Smart Grid” is being promoted, and it is being promoted in a way that your appliances make the service calls autonomously, your appliances and Air Conditioning get controlled by the power company, and that you become dependent upon it. They do NOT want people getting off the grid- because they cannot quantify carbon dioxide if you are off grid, and there are groups who went to a lot of effort and expense to develop carbon calculation schemes on behalf of the frauds who promote AGW.

Here are are some sources that should help.

Ruth asks…

How many solar panels are in a certain market? Where can i find this?

I need to know how many residential homes have solar panels in Fresno, CA. Where can I find this information?

ssadmin answers:

Prior to 2007, the California Energy Comission administered the rebates, and you could actually download information from them on the individual rebate applications. It would theoretically be possible to mine the information out of that by zip code, but perhaps they already have the information sorted.

Now the rebates go through , I think, and maybe they have information for you.

Another way would be to contact the top 3-5 solar installers in the area, and ask how many they've put in.

Finally, if you have no other choice, you could always to go Google Maps, satellite view, and take a sampling of how many houses have panels within (say) a square mile, then scale up for an approximation.

Joseph asks…

How much will it cost me to install solar panels and is it worth it?

My home is all electric and the rates just keep going up, up, and up,
I paid $340 for Jan – Feb this year and froze my tail off keeping it that
low. If I install solar panels, will it cost me less then what I'm paying
for electric? If you're currently using solar panels can you tell me what
the pluses and minus's are for going this route.

ssadmin answers:

We had 5 solar panels installed @ 3 years ago and in the summer we get all our hot water for free! In the winter we use less oil on the central heating cos the water is already warm . It cost us @ £9,000 for the instalation and we probably wont see the money back for about 20 years but it all helps.

Thomas asks…

The company I work for is interested in using solar panels. What are the best resources on the web for info?

I think it is a great idea and would love for this company to get these panels. I am the sole person in charge of retrieving info though, and want to make a convincing argument. The owner wants a realistic number of how much it would cost to go solar powered. Also, we are located north of Chicago if that makes a difference. Any info would be appreciated!

ssadmin answers:

Just fyi for anyone looking for affordable local solar panel installers in their area, this is a great resource:

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