Your Questions About Solar Panels

George asks…

How to make electricity from the sun without using solar panels?

Solar panels are costly.Do you know any inexpensive way?

So that i can make one of my own.

ssadmin answers:

Solar things are always costly… You can use concave mirrors and concentrate the heat and heat what and then steam ll be formed and then steam directed to turbines, there you go generating electricity with out solar panels…

Ruth asks…

Is it possible to have solar panels in space?

Tesla had some sort of invention to spread electricity. (energy, etc) I'm not that educated .
Could that stem from a solar panel in space?
Are solar panels possible in space?

ssadmin answers:

Yes its very possible to use solar panels in space, when you mentioned Tesla I think your talking about wireless energy transfer. Yes this method does work however to transmit energy from a solar panel orbiting the earth back to the earth its not very practical. The loss in energy in the transfer would be too great.

Daniel asks…

Does anyone know anything about solar panels?

We just recenlty purchased a bank owned home and the previous owners left no information behind regarding the solar panels which consume the whole south side of the house. We are not sure what they are hooked up to, how they work, how to tell if they are working or even how to use them. Finding someone in our area with expertise on solar panels is proving to be a challenge. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

ssadmin answers:

Your really in a tight spot. The pannels could be either power or water heating. I don't think anyone can really answer this question without looking at the panels first hand. Also we would need to know if you have battery banks, inverter, or recircualtion pump (for water) etc.

I think you best bet is to stop trying to find a solar contractor and call an electrician. He many not be effecient in solor but should be able to diagnose your system type and check to make sure the system is either on or off line. If you let the contractor know what your trying to find out, I'm sure they will send one of thier best electricans to your location. As the same time, don't be surprised if he shows and tells you that you need to call a plumber.

Nancy asks…

I want to start powering my house off of solar panels and possibly a wind source?

I would like some website links please.
I have heard there are shingles that look relatively normal that are solar panels; anyone know where I could find some stuff like that for not alot of money?

ssadmin answers:

This is just one of many sites on the web.


Just put in “home solar panels” in a websearch and you'll get more.

By the way, solar electric power is not cheap. If it were, everyone would have them including the electric company. The time it takes to get your money back from one of these systems can be 10 years or more. Energy conservation is a better way to go.

James asks…

How are solar panels made? How do they work? Can solar panels layed out on a rooftop power a house?

I want to do a little project this year, and that is to make solar panels of my own. I want to see the pros and cons of how effective solar panels are. Also what are good websites where I may obtain more information on blueprints of how they are made.

ssadmin answers:

Unfortunately, if you want to do a fair test, it's not a little project. The best cost savings by solar is probably water heating. There will be very little cost difference between a small system and one to cover your whole house, if you do things right.

For solar electric, the kind of system that saves money (if at all, depending on your location) is grid-tied, that is, with no batteries. That will require a permit and inspection, and must have panels with a safety certification – in other words, you can't hook up homemade panels.

You could build a panel out of individual solar cells you buy, then connect it to a battery. That would be fun and illustrate the principle, but don't expect it to be cost-effective at all.

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