Your Questions About Solar Panels

Sandy asks…

How can Solar Panels help the economy?

The only ideas I have are that solar panels would open new jobs worldwide for those who don't have no jobs, it would help the “common man” with their bills if solar panels become more popular. I need one or two more reasons how it can help the economy.
Try to use the Marxist Criticism as a lens to find one.

ssadmin answers:

Just something else to consider is that solar panels create usable electrical energy that may eventually reduce the usage of fossil fuels for electricity.

John asks…

What unit of time do solar panels account for?

If I'm wanting to produce 800 kwh of electricity a month with solar panels, how many 230 W solar panels would I need? Thanks for any help.

ssadmin answers:

That depends on how much sun the panels will get. A good start is to go here , and enter average, annual, flat plate tilted south at latitude. A map of the US will come up. Find your location, and get the peak equivalent sun-hours per day. This figure averages in the seasons, as well as climate such as clouds.

For example, suppose you get 5 sun-hours per day. If there are 30 days in a month, that's 150 hours per month. 800 kWh / 150 h = 5.3 kW . That's about 24 of those panels. But do that math for your location. You'll need less panels in Phoenix, more in Seattle.

Maria asks…

solar panels…………………………………………………………….?

where can i get some solar panels for a camper trailer
i live 500 miles from any ware so web sites are best

ssadmin answers:


I think this is what your looking for.. For future reference all I did was type in, “Camper Solar Panel” in google.

If this is what you wanted please select me as the best answer.

Sandra asks…

Solar Panels?

What experiences do you have of using solar panels to generate electricity?

ssadmin answers:

Swimming pool heated by these but you need an awful lot of sun to heat it

Mary asks…

Solar Panels?

How much is a square foot of solar panel, and where can I buy it for that price?

ssadmin answers:

If you are looking for solar roof shingles, here's a website:
$114.25 for each shingle

Here's the website with their whole list of products:

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