Your Questions About Solar Panels

Steven asks…

I am looking to install solar panels and need some help?

I have an xbox 360 and an older tv that I would like to get solar panels for because my mom is mad I am running up the electric bill. I know nothing about solar panels and I want to know what I need to make this all work. Any suggestions would be great.

ssadmin answers:

Your first problem is that the solar panels will only work properly outside, so you will have to run a power cable either through an open window or through a hole in the wall, which will make your mother even madder. Next you need to consider the specification of the solar panel. The older TV is likely to run only on mains voltage rather than 12 volts, so you will need a panel that puts out 12-14 volts DC to charge a battery, which in turn supplies an inverter which produces a mains voltage of 110V or 240v AC (whichever country you are in). It will all get rather expensive.

William asks…

How hard is it to add solar panels to a house?

We live in a very high sun area, and I'm thinking solar panels could do nothing but good. How hard is it to implement this, and does anyone have any links to good info?

ssadmin answers:

I work on a lot homes and I've never seen one that worked more than 2 or 3 years. Most of them were disconnected. Maybe the future will give us better technology

John asks…

What should i do in the summer with my solar panels energy?

I want to install solar panels for hot water, but my question is what you suggest i can do when its summer and i dont need so much hot water? I will use this water to warm a factory and i will have to install at least 10 solar panels to do that. Thank you!

ssadmin answers:

I work with a company called enerworks. They have a thermal panel that has baffles that open if your system overheats, no need for a heat dump or blow off situation. What is your storage?

Ruth asks…

What are the properties of Solar Panels?

Properties of solar panel?
I know this is too general,but i am to write a report on the materials used to make solar panels,and i am to include the physical, mechanical ,and chemical properties of the materials.
It's just too general,such that i am lost.There are so many types of solar panels.So i hope some experts on this subject can give me a general guide lines ,maybe the tensile strength ?
as much as you can please.
Why would i ask when i can find the answers on wikipedia???

ssadmin answers:

This site should provide you with some useful information for your report although some of the contents may be a little outdated it still serves as a good reference.


Sharon asks…

How many solar panels would I need to power my washer machine?

My washer is 120 volts 60 gz,9.6 amps. The solar panels I am looking at are:

Sharp ND-208U1 Solar Panels (208 Watt)

List Price $1,479.99

Only $1,049.99
Sharp Solar Panels (208 Watt)
List Price $1,352.99
Only $1,040.99

If I buy that will it be enough to run my washer?

ssadmin answers:

Solar panels produce power in proportion to the amount of sun light and inverse proportion to the temperature. To use solar power you will need in addition to the panels a bank of batteries a charge controller and an inverter to convert to 120v. The panel(s) will only be used to recharge the batteries and the batteries connected to the inverter is what is going to run your washing machine. You therefore need to know how long is the machine going to run, how often and how much charging can you expect to get from each panel in order to figure out how many panels you will need and how many batteries. If you do only one load very infrequenly, you will be able to use a smaller battery bank and charge at a lower rate.

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