Your Questions About Solar Panels For Home

George asks…

How many and which Solar Panels are for my home?

I am having this home built on 9.31 acres:

I want my homes electricity to come from solar panels I have a meeting with the company that is building my home about a week form how but I want opinion of others.
How many panels and how many watts per panel would I need for a 5,003sq.ft. home?

ssadmin answers:

Without details about your location and usable roof space I can't give you a concrete answer. Those 2 main factors will dictate how much of your energy consumption you may offset. I would however recommend the company I used when I went solar- Global Solar Center. If you visit their site @ you may request a free solar quote that includes a feasibility check, a break-even analysis, estimated annual savings, projected return on investment and a breakdown of all the incentives you will be eligible to receive. They educated me about everything involved with a solar installation and made the decision making process very simple. Good Luck with your project!

Nancy asks…

Are these reliable plans for DIY solar panels?

Are the plans on this website really a reliable and affordable way to make solar panels at home?
I am worried it is a scam website

ssadmin answers:

I watched the video and they are selling you information you can get for free somewhere else. Check out ‘Backwoods Home Magazine”. They have a web-site and offer back issues on all their magazines for $5.00. They also offer instruction manuals on everything including solar energy and panel making. They have to cover their printing and mailing costs. If you want something absolutely free go to the library and do a search. You can check the books out or make copies there.

Thomas asks…

I am looking for financial help or a grant to stall solar panels in My home, Where can I look for it?

ssadmin answers:

Try your local energy provider. Many of them around the country offer finacial help in the form of grants and rebates.I don't know of any federal grants out there, but there might be one. Maybe someone else will chime in with one. Good luck going “Green”.

Robert asks…

how to build a solar panel for home use?

I wish to build a solar panel for domestic i.e. in the absence of electricity the same can be used to run fan, tv, computer if not A/c and refrig. How to do the same and what will be the cost involved?

ssadmin answers:

Solar panel cannot be built at home…But you can of course buy one. Also if its your hobby and you are doing it just for fun, then forget it. Solar panels are very expensive and a small panel with an output of 1.5V will cost you around 15-20 AUD. Imagine how many you need to run a 240V fan. Also there are large commercially sold solar panels and you can get a GOVT. Rebate (check website) if you buy from GOVT. Registered resellers. You can get upto $8000 rebate. This is very expensive stuff to buy as you need batteries and a new electricity back up system installed at your place. BUT once installed with a very little maintenance, you can enjoy the benefits.

Hope this Info. Helps!!!!


David asks…

I would like to power some home appliances such as computer and tv how would i select solar panels for this?

I have been studying the possibility of using solar electricity for home use. I have no idea of how it works, thanks.
If i have to go into solar business what do i need to do in order to convince the prospective buyers. There is so much lack of awareness.

ssadmin answers:

Don't go into a business you know NOTHING about!
Solar power is DC so most home apliances won't work. The panels are used to charge a battery bank and the batteries provide the power. It can be done but effectively you would need to rewire your house to work like a camper van or a yacht! Contact me directly if you are
a. Serious
b. Knowledgable

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