Your Questions About Solar Panels For Home

John asks…

What Is better for producing a energy for one family large home Windmill or Solar panels?? Also Why?

ssadmin answers:

There's a couple of issues, the first being what you're allowed to have. In many neighborhoods a wind turbine would be out of the question because they make a lot of noise and they sand out visually hence it may violate the neighborhood's deed restrictions. But if you are allowed to have a wind turbine, they are much less expensive then Solar Photo-Voltaic and with a grid tie in, you wouldn't need an expensive battery bank.

The second is what are your energy needs? The majority of the energy used by a household is for hot water, residential heating and or air-conditioning. All three of these could be met with Solar thermal collectors at a fraction of the cost of Solar Photo-Voltaic. The Solar air-conditioning would require an absorption chiller to turn the heat into chilled water for the air-conditioning and would most likely work best with evacuated tube solar thermal collectors. With the exception of evacuated tube, solar thermal collectors are sufficiently low tech that you could build your own collectors. Solar thermal is in fact more efficient than current Photo-Voltaic as the current Photo-Voltaic cells only respond to very specific wavelengths of light. If you meet the majority of your energy needs with inexpensive low tech solar thermal collectors, then you can greatly reduce the size of your Photo-Voltaic system.

I would say that you should try and meet most of your energy needs with Solar Thermal collectors and if your neighborhood allows, have a small wind turbine with a grid tie in for electricity. If you're not allowed to have a wind turbine then a small PV system, again with grid tie in would suffice.

Nancy asks…

Home-made solar panels VS. 30% federal tax credit?

Do my home-made solar panels and all necessary supplies (wiring, mounting equipment, etc…) qualify for the 30% federal tax credit?

ssadmin answers:

No, home-made goods do not qualify since they don't have the manufacturer's EPA certification.

Ken asks…

we are solar panel manufactory .we make solar panel .home ups ..power inverter .where can i find distribute?

please check our website are looking for importer and distribute .if you can contact

ssadmin answers:

Advertise in solar magazines like Home Power (USA), another one is Solar Today, I think

Charles asks…

Has anyone seen the TV advertisement for home solar power that touts “it could be free” and has 42 in its site

I am interested in finding out more information on getting home solar power units for the house, and I saw an ad for free home solar panels. In the ad they say it may be free through government rebates, I am looking for the website address that goes along with this ad.

And to find out if it is too good to be true..

ssadmin answers:

There is a program in San Francisco to provide free solar power to some underprivileged homes, but that is on a very limited basis. Obviously, demand far outstrips supply.

I think Berkeley and some other cities may provide loans so that someone can buy a solar system. The payments on the loans may be less than the savings on electric bills, so in that sense, someone could switch over to some solar for “free”.

Some cities in the USA are still rebating to the tune of $5 a watt, so if you're lucky enough to live in one of those areas, your panels may indeed be free. But for the US in general, no.

Carol asks…

Solar Panels?

Tell me everything you know about installing solar panels on a home for personal energy use.



ssadmin answers:

Depending on how many you are going to use–if you have more than enough to run your home — you can sell the rest to the elec co. I seen on tv where folks had roof panels and his elec bill sometimes paid him–mostly was 0-30 $ a mo he had approx 12 panels

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