Your Questions About Solar Panels For Home

Lizzie asks…

Solar panels?

Tell me everything you know about installing solar panels on a home for personal energy use. THANKS!

ssadmin answers:

Follow this link

Susan asks…

hi.. i just wanted to know , what does panel photovoltaic have to do with solar panels for my home.?

Hi i am looking to install solar panels for my home but would like to try and do it on my own to save a bit of money…
But I keep reading the term “panel photovoltaic” or “photovoltaic panel” I don't know what this means, could someone give me some advice.

ssadmin answers:

Hi Tas, A Photovoltaic panel is the individual collector, or cell, electrically connected. They form photovoltaic modules, better known as a solar panel. The photovoltaic panel is arranged in arrays, or many panels fitted together in a grid.

Now I feel smart.. In basic terms panel photovoltaic means solar panel..

I went to this site

It will give you a better understand of solar power works.. Hope this helps

Donald asks…

why are politicians not solving the energy crisis with solar panels on homes.?

solar panels on homes would reduce our consuption of coal, reduce the need for nuclear power, and create U.S. Based manufacturing for these panels, and create jobs in constuction.

Solve our energy crisis politicians, with tax incentives, or home building regulation.

ssadmin answers:

Because politicians can't make you put solar panels on your home if you're building one. If you want to, do it for your own home. Oh, and another thing; politicians aren't there to solve our problems for us. They're just there to run the day-to-day business of government.

Jenny asks…

Would you support a mandate for every home to have solar panels and a power generating windmill?

Please recycle. Thank you.

Vote Gore 2012

ssadmin answers:

HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Government has no right to force us to do anything, including buying government sanctioned health care.

I would love to see Gore run in 2012. That would be an easy victory for the republican.

Richard asks…

how affordable these days are solar panels for the home ? why arent we as a country doing more for the planet

looking to lower energy costs and help the planet at the same time what i as a consumer can do

ssadmin answers:

Solar panels will indeed pay for themselves – eventually. But it will take many years (between 15 and 50) before they do. And its a lot of money to lay out at once.

There are, though, federal tax incentives for installing solar panels. In parts of the country, there are also state incentives and utility rebates that can help. In some places, these incentives will help to drop the payback to less than 10 years.

For information about incentives in the US, go to the first link below. It lists all the federal, state and utility incentives available, state-by-state.

You can also call a local solar installer, who will certainly know about local incentives and who can help you size and cost a system for your home. I'd recommend that you find an installer from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. This will ensure that your installer has some experience with these systems. I've put a link to their web site below.

If you live in a subdivision, you should be aware that some subdivisions do not permit solar panels for aesthetic reasons.

Good luck.

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