Your Questions About Solar Panels For Home

Paul asks…

How can i build solar panel in home?

if some one can tell me the method of making cheap solar panel he should reply me for help me

ssadmin answers:

The people that are claiming its difficult are refering to building one from scrap. I recently put up a few small ones and will be covering my roof next summer because I'm very satisfied. I used the designs from and it was fairly simple. Basically it gives you sources for all the cheapest parts and an easy design, you assemble and save a ton of money.

Richard asks… is there any validity to their claim? (Home-made solar panels for under $100)?

im a senior in high school and am working on a project for a solar-powered composer for my school. the person i am working with stumbeled across this site. if what they say is true than it WILL help us alot when building a model of the machine. (the model is going to be life-sized)

ssadmin answers:

That site is horribly misleading about the amount of power you could get from a homemade panel. And homemade panels are a lot of trouble to make. But it might be enough, if all you want to do is turn a composter at low speed.

Consider also ready-made panels such as these: . Like homemade panels, these will not necessarily be durable, but they will illustrate your concept. The 46-watt one is about $61.

Linda asks…

Would this apply for a company building a home with solar panels?

I am doing a research paper regarding building energy efficient homes in New Jersey. In a recent article I read:

For solar power, New Jersey residents could save almost half the cost of installing solar panels on their houses thanks to the plan. As outlined by the stimulus package, there's a 30 percent tax credit or grant that is available to anybody who installs solar panels through the end of 2010.”

Does anyone know if this would apply to a company building a house with solar panels?
in other words, if a company built homes that come with solar panels arleady installed, could they recieve money from the gov't… (or tax credit, im not really sure what that is though)

Thanks and please list sources if you have any

ssadmin answers:

This is an individual incentive. The benefit to a company is they are paid to add this value to the home resulting in increased revenue. It may apply to a new home buyer-buying a new solar panel equipped home,but this is not clear.

Betty asks…

Which solar panel is most efficient and best price for my home?

Looking for the right solar panel for my home, what is the most efficient panels is best for me.

ssadmin answers:

You really need to look at your energy useage, that will give you an idea of the scale of your solar power instalation. I can save however that if you buy the parts and assemble them yourself you'll be paying about $150 per 1000w output, compared to from $1,200 to $1,500 for the same wattage if you buy prefabricated units and have them installed. I recently did this, if interested you can check out which is where I got my schematics. It also includes sources for the cheapest materials.

I wish you good luck, go for it. The energy savings far out does the initial start up cost quickly.

Ruth asks…

What would a 60 watt solar panel power? How many watts for a small home?

What would be helpful is some chart or diagram that would put this in perspective for me. I thought it would be neat to save up for solar panels for my home and take the load off my bill. Also, it would be nice to have something portable. But, when they say 60 watts can I run a tv and lights or just charge some batteries?

ssadmin answers:

First the only things that run straight off these modules are variable speed DC motors. Pumps and fans primarily. I am sure you could run a light with a little engineering but who needs light while the sun is shining.

Most televisions need 300 watts and up

As an Energy Auditor I can assure there is no average home.
Look at your own bill for a year and average it and that would be your average bill. There is always room for improvement to shave watts and maintain comfort and lifestyle.

Most homes probably use at least 500Kwh some far more some far less. We use about 330Kwh

Your power output of your modules depends on sun hours

for instance I am in San Diego we average 5.6 sun hours

so a 60 watt panel would equal about 336 watts per day or 60 times 5.6

you have losses based on a number of factors count on 15 % for grid tied and 25% battery bank

or about 285 watts grid tied or 252 battery bank.

So with that panel you could run or offset 1 compact Fluorescent 13 watt bulb for 19-22 hours give or take.

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