Your Questions About Solar Panels For Home

Richard asks…

Best and Affordable Solar panel for home?

I really need to know about the good companies who are selling good quality home solar panels.
I lives in Pakistan, solar panels sell here are cheap but they doesn't work for long time, mostly they are “made in china”.
Consumption of units of our house written on our electricity bill is 300.
My dad is seriously thinking of purchasing a solar energy system for house that long last and works efficiently.
So plz help me out.

ssadmin answers:

Solar power systems are expensive and it takes time to recover the initial investment. The cheap solar panels that you are talking must be solar heat collectors which are most common in Asia. They are the most efficient type of solar power systems for the climate in South East Asia. They are mainly used to heat water. If you are looking for this, it will cost you about 25000-30000 for a 150-200 liter capacity.

If you are looking for a solar power system only, then you can expect it to cost about 50000-60000 Rs approximately for 100 Watt/hr system. With this you can run most of the appliances and lights, fans etc. And your electricity bill will only be a fraction of what it is now.
Hope this helps.

Ruth asks…

Solar panels for home info?

Where can I find updated info about solar panels for home?

ssadmin answers:

Visit they have a lot of info about solar energy, panels with videos too. The sun's energy will probably be probably the most abundant in conjunction with the cheapest supply of electrical power supplied in the world. You will find no limit to anything you can actually produce from the means of renewable photovoltaic electricity electric power. Three Make absolutely no cost solar energy. This post will address providing electrical energy from photo voltaic electrical power, with individual reference for the photovoltaic operated electrical power photovoltaic systems small business is speedily creating numerous remedies and strategies for us for making utilization of solar. Some photovoltaic companies current financing or renting/leasing possibilities. Loads of companies are actually presenting photo voltaic strength possibilities for that home, industrial and state corporations.

Remember electricity cannot be retailer in its raw state. It helps make the electrical energy usable at the home4. Creating solar panels at home requires a number of degree of familiarity along with the theme. These are the solar power systems which you see on roof tops. In reality, the subject of solar strength can create a whole lots of interest.

The plant is often produced to operate at complete rated energy working with solar energy on your own, granted ample solar electrical power. A Solar Electrical power approach can work definitely independent, not necessitating a link to some strength or fuel grid in any way. Following, we perfected that photovoltaic vitality may be transformed to energy using photovoltaic cells and solar thermal electricity plants. Solar electric power is electrical power created by the sun's rays which happens to be then transformed into thermal or electrical electric power. Solar energy benefits and disadvantages range commonly dependent on just in which you live. They're only a few on the photo voltaic strength beneficial components and downsides for householders as of late.

Their use can lower the overall health pitfalls presented by other electrical power resources, supplying cleaner, less risky, considerably extra expenditure successful electrical power. Created the most important and lots of price-productive solar electrical power system covering ten,000 square feet. Household was a single,seven hundred square feet – Household was three,seven hundred square feet.

Mandy asks…

Can I buy home solar panel that pays for itself b4 it is ready for the scrap pile without tax breaks or grants?

Or any other source of outside income.

Since the average pay back is about 13 years and the average life less than 9 years.
How long will my batteries last and the voltage convertor?

Where can I get it?

ssadmin answers:

Lol, yea you seem to have this figured out. I'm sure technology will eventually improve.

Donald asks…

who would i get good quality solar panels for my home and not to expensive?

also i need a list of every thing that i need to go with it like the battery for it

ssadmin answers:

Good quality solar panels that are not expensive do not exist. If they did everybody would use them.
You will also need a lot of batteries. The number will depend on the specs for you system.
You will also need a DC to AC invertor

Donna asks…

I have a qeustion about solar panels?

Hello, I'm wondering if I could get a 100,000wat solar panel for home use; is there a way for me to get that much energy in my house to power my 3 computers?

ssadmin answers:

I”m not sure where you are getting the numbers of 100kW, they are not correct. To offset the use of 3 computers running 8 hours a day, you'd need about a 1.5kW system. If you are looking to stay on the electric grid, and just generate the amount you use for them, then that will cost about $8k for the equipment. You can see a grid-tied package at

If you are looking to be completely self sufficient and off the electric grid, you need batteries to store the power as well. That type of system could cost well over $12k. Http://

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