Your Questions About Solar Panels For Home

Linda asks…

Thinking green and was curious bout making a home made solar panel? can you help?

Was curious for reasons im not even sure why but i was wanting to find out all i can bout making a home made solar panel…

Just want to see if it'll work and for my own curiousity

ssadmin answers:


Maria asks…

Solar Home?

Is it pratical to retro fit a house, with solar power? Have the solar panels become cheap enough for the average Home owner to use?
What would the Price for an average Home of 1800 Sq ft be, Ballpark figure.
Any thoughs or Ideas would be Appreciated.

ssadmin answers:

Typically retro-fitting a house is not practical. My parents built a solar home in southern CT the late 1970's and location of the house on the property, orientation of the house, latitude, longitude, materials used for solar collection and storage – and a whole lot of other choices had to be made before they could even get a permit.

Link below is to Real Goods, which is a reliable source of solar technology for DIY people, second link below includes FAQ re: the resources needed to solar power your home. My husband and I toured a solar-powered house in VT featured in the Real Goods newsletter – these people lived completely off the grid – this was about 8 years ago.

Ken asks…

Solar panels, do you get a huge bill once a year?

I seen a newspaper article where this guy bought a new home with solar panels and his first months energy bill was like $9.00. Than I overheard some people talking about a friend of theirs who was slapped with a huge energy bill, I cant remember what the exact amount was but it was in the high hundreds, and it was supposedly for having solar panels. Does anyone know if its true that energy companies charge customers for having solar panels and why?

ssadmin answers:

There is no charge for having solar panels. If that person got a larger bill it was probably caused by not having as much sunlight that month. Lots of clouds and the solar panels don't work. Solar panels are, usually, used for heating water, not providing electricity- it can be done but it's quite costly and very rare.

Chris asks…

A couple questions about home made solar panels?

Is there a free site or resource that will teach you how to do this? Hopefully step by step and tells you how to buy all the parts ect?

Which is the best resource for sale earth4energy, homemadeenergy, ect? Do they actually work and also as well as those which are professionally done?

They say it will cost under $200 for a panel, but how much will this panel actually produce I mean how many panels would you have to make to produce 100% of your homes energy?

ssadmin answers:

I have no idea the out put of the panel you plan to make, but $200.00 will not even come close to power much. You don't say whether you want to power your house straight from the solar panels (not possible, because the sun doesn't shine 24/7). That being said,you will need a very large array to power your house,going to battery's to inverter to get AC power. Your initial cost would be around $25000,00, but you might be eligible for a tax rebate and maybe a rebate from your state and power company. There is a lot more to be said on the subject,but this is enough to either get you started or discouraged.

Robert asks…

Can someone tell me about solar panels for homes?

I was trying to look online for solar panels for my home to take some of the strain off of using oil and electricity but I find it very hard to understand exactly how they are used.
Like one that I looked up is 100 watts… that like a light bulb watt? How many things can that power?
Is it really cheaper in the long run because the panels are very expensive?
If anyone has web sites that can explain this to me I would appreciate a link, or anyone to answer part of my question.

ssadmin answers:

Solar panels produce low voltage direct current electricity. To be used in a home that electricity must be stored in batteries and converted to 120-240 volts 60 hertz AC (alternating current). And its frequency must be synchronized to the electricity supplied by the power company.
A 100 watt solar panel produces 100 watts of power, enough to power one 100 watt light bulb. To generate enough power to power a home, the solar panel must be capable of producing at least 1500 to 2000 watts per hour (1.5/2.0 KW/hrs)

And you're quite correct, it's an expensive proposition to install a solar panel system… And it should be installed by experts.

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