Your Questions About Solar Panels For Home

Donald asks…

Can someone tell me about solar panels for homes?

I was trying to look online for solar panels for my home to take some of the strain off of using oil and electricity but I find it very hard to understand exactly how they are used.
Like one that I looked up is 100 watts… that like a light bulb watt? How many things can that power?
Is it really cheaper in the long run because the panels are very expensive?
If anyone has web sites that can explain this to me I would appreciate a link, or anyone to answer part of my question.

ssadmin answers:

There are two types of devices that collect energy from the sun:

Solar photovoltaic modules use solar cells to convert light from the sun into electricity.

Solar thermal collectors use the sun's energy to heat water or another fluid such as oil or antifreeze

There is only a one time cost to installing solar panels.
The way to get the most for your money is, really to have them installed at the time of the home being built.
You have to figure, over-time, how long it will take regarding the cost of the solar panels vs the cost of your energy now.

Sandy asks…

DIY Solar panels for home?

Im interested in constructing my own solar panels out of individual photovoltaic cells, I m a resident in the UK and Id like to attatch them to my south facing shed roofs. After a bit of research ive found the cells for £400 for 300 pieces ( 6 x 6 polycrstalline) or £250 for 100 pieces ( 6 x 6 mono crystalline), each individual cell will generate a max output of just over 4W, so in theory I can generate over a KW on my shed roofs. What are the major advantages of mono over polycrystalline?

Will it be easy to connect these to the house's power and will it be possible to sell any excess back to the power companies?

Two of us live here but we're never in so we dont use much electricity, apparently between 3 and 4 KW is the household average usage so I doubt we use more than 2KW, Please let me know if this sounds about right for the amount Im planning to buy.

Are there any grants available for cost of materials? as the government usually pays 50% up to £8000 for domestic solar energy projects? although these are usually supplied and fitted by a registered firm.

Has anyone inititiated a similar idea themselves?

any feedback on any of these questions would be greatly appreciated!


ssadmin answers:

Check out some solar power websites
Your panels will make DC and your house runs on AC. So you'll need an inverter, and batteries to even out the power (I hear golf cart batteries are good – better than car batteries).
The power company is probably very wary if not flat impossible about you selling power back unless there is a good government program forcing them to. You'd probably need regulators, inspections, approved materials etc.
Just to switch over you need a proper isolating switch. You can't just hook your inverter to a wall socket and hope for the best. You might also have trouble running big items like an electric stove, or things taht take a big inrush current like a fridge or freezer (I've tried)

Ruth asks…

What are the drawbacks to using wind turbines or solar panels for providing all power to a home?

A. The wind and sun are not constant, so there would be times when no electricity would be generated.
B. The wind and sun are constant, so there would be plenty of electricity for the home.
C. Wind and solar power are inefficient and too expensive to use and maintain.
D. Wind and solar power are efficient, but they are not able to produce enough electricity for a single home.

ssadmin answers:

A is the best of your four, for your question, but since individual wind and solar power generate power to a battery, which is the direct source of power to your house, you can store up enough power to maintain your electrical usage, through the winter, power outages, and you can sell some access back to the Community Power Company.

If enough households demand an individual windmill and solar panel, the initial costs will come down to reasonable expense!!

Laura asks…

How hard is it to convert your home to solar energy?

And can it be done without ruining the outside appearance of your house? All the solar homes I see are covered with funky panels, and it looks like a mess.

How much $$ would someone need to dish out for a transformation like that?

ssadmin answers:

I have seen this done on HGTV channel when people remodel their homes…
It is quite expensive to be sure…
Each home is different because of size…
They run plumbing all through the walls to pump water through to warm the floors and keep plumbing all insulated…
The lighting comes from the sun through special glass panes that filter warmth into the house…
It keeps everything warm in winter…
As for summer, the same windows are covered to keep the house cool and the plumbing is controlled by electronics to keep it cool…
I have seen the builders put in these big boxes that convert all your wires and plumbing to meet the needs of the house…
They have all kinds of buttons on them for setting special heat and cooling in different rooms…
It looks like you need a degree in electronics to learn to use them…
I am sure though I could never afford them and they would not work in my house because I have a manufactured home that does not have thick walls or strong exterior…
My house is all wood…

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Mandy asks…

How can i build a large solar panel for my home in country like Pakistan?

I am very interested in making solar panels in Karachi, Pakistan. But cant figure out where i get solar cells? If there is some DIY methods please tell me.

ssadmin answers:

You do google search and contact the companies which manufactures solar panel..or contact an expert in this field..

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