Your Questions About Solar Panels For Home

David asks…

Solar panels for home in No Cal. How much does it cost?

I am just buying a house in Pleasanton Ca and would like to go solar. How much is the cost and how long does it take to get money back. Thanks. Any other useful info is appreciated.

ssadmin answers:

I'm not there, so the best answer I could give is:
Look in your local newspaper and yellow pages and look for locals who specialize in this type of work. If anything like Indiana, we almost all will be glad to come inspect your home and give a free estimate. That would be your best bet on learning the answer to this question.
Go Green!

Mary asks…

Please tell me different sizes of solar panels for home use & tell me the actual estimate of it?

I have 1bhk flat.Our monthly bills range is 300 to 800. Please tell me how cal i use solar system.

ssadmin answers:

You either can buy the solar kits which are DIY type of self contained units which you need some technical and handyman lattitude to set up. These are considered small but need to be put on a structure with care and know how.

If I was as serious as you sound – I would start small by buying a small outdoor light one that usually has a spotlight and a 1 or 2 foot square panel that you put up on a pole or a tree or a high spot on your house. They have a wire that you can run to that spotlight. It will turn on when it gets dark and usually you have little control over it- as in no fancy switches or wiring.

The reason I suggest this is that it will get you started and will help you to understand how solar works. Check out these types of units at your local garden center/hardware store.

Try also look at the various ones they sell on ebay.
These will give you a good idea of how diverse the many kits that are out there. Try two searches “Solar panel kit” and try “solar panel” . You definitely want to do a “solar power” book that gives you a good overview. (Make sure you change the catagory to “books” otherwise you will bring up too many other solar items in your search result.) Its a little complicated and it can get costly and technical. Having read a good recently printed book would give you a good overview of what is involved and help you make your decisions.

In some places you can actually hook up multi panel kits up to the electric companies power grid and get credit on the solar power you sell to them (for when you're not home). You also can get considerable tax credits in some states and you also can get rebates from your electric company. I would suggest consulting a solar installer and even your town clerk in your town hall who might be able to steer you to people in government who would know what type of compensations you can get. Someone in your town (like a building inspector) may be able to recommend a company that has good reputation for installing high wattage solar panels for residential and businesses.

Michael asks…

What's the story with solar panels for home? Any ideas or suggestions. I live in the southwest lots of sun.

Would like to add to home but it appears that there is way to much info out there. Need to pare it back a bit. Please help.

ssadmin answers:

You may want to hold off buying for a while….there's a new technology for them being developed call “thin-cell” solar which may cut the costs for them in half to 1/3 per watt produced. It uses other materials than silicon like cadmium-telluride and others.

Donald asks…

How to make solar panels for home use?

I am not electronic engineer.Still I am interested to try this.Please give any web site add.

ssadmin answers:

While it is possible to solder together solar cells to make a panel, it would not be allowed to be connected to the house in the US, as it is not UL listed. If you are looking for a fun project that would be stand alone and power a CFL light with a battery or something like that, it is fine. You can find sites that give instructions for free, avoid the sites that tell you you can power your house for $200. You can not.

Lizzie asks…

Where can I buy solar panels for my home?

Here in California, we get a lot of sunlight year round so I am looking to install solar panels at home to save some energy. Where do I start looking? Are there stores that sell them? What type should I get (or rather, what types are there)?

What would be a good price range? And lastly, how much energy would it really save? Thanks for any help!

ssadmin answers:

Go on line there are piles of them don't forget wind energy check out Jay Leno's home and garage he is going right of the grid with his power and he has the name of the companies he buys from there was an article in Popular Mechanics awhile back on it

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