Your Questions About Solar Panels For Home

Charles asks…

How expensive is it to install solar panels on a home and what is the ROI timeline?

Average cost for 3 or 4 panels including installation? Amount of electricity in $$$'s it would save? Is it really worth it?

ssadmin answers:

My system produces 5Kw whenever the Sun shines. It is built on towers and tracks the Sun through the day. This is the most efficient system. Roof mount are fixed and produce only a fraction of the energy I get.
ROI for me will be 10 years unless electric rates go up.
My electric bill has gone from $450.00 per month to $10.00 per month.
Cost of system? $70,000.00.
Bottom line? Green is keen but it ain't cheap!

Sandy asks…

Can someone tell me about solar panels for homes?

I was trying to look online for solar panels for my home to take some of the strain off of using oil and electricity but I find it very hard to understand exactly how they are used.
Like one that I looked up is 100 watts… that like a light bulb watt? How many things can that power?
Is it really cheaper in the long run because the panels are very expensive?
If anyone has web sites that can explain this to me I would appreciate a link, or anyone to answer part of my question.

ssadmin answers:

Here's an article that will give you an idea of what residential solar is all about:,,20152332,00.html?xid=yahoo-answers&partner=yes

Then you can followup with the sources below to get more info.

Helen asks…

solar panels for home?

We are looking to find a good guide to build our own solar panels for home. Any suggestions?

ssadmin answers:

Buy it if you can

Sandra asks…

Does any one know of a Government grant or private company grant to purchase solar panels for the home?

I would like to install some in my home and use my house as a demo for other home buyers and builders to see that is not that complicated and the benefits are huge.

ssadmin answers:

Sounds to me like you can't see the forest because of all the trees are blocking your view.

I understand what you are wanting to do. The hard part is making Joe Public understand that there is a savings.

Most people can't see past the next pay check and if the savings do not show up as a check they can cash, then to them there is no savings. This is like having your car payment deducted from your pay check. You never see the money so you don't think you have the expense. (you don't feel the expence) With solar the savings is over the years and will never be seen unless you do the math. You spend your savings every day on cokes and gas for your car or watching a movie and never notice it is there. You never see the cash so the feeling is there is no savings.

I think you are looking at it the same way. Install your system and get your 2000 dollar government tax credit and you will be saving some money. If you sale your home after 5 years put the price of the system in the home and get all your money back for it. Plus you had free electricity for the last 5 years.

The large savings is there just hard to see it.

Betty asks…

looking to install solar panels on my home looking for important info.?

I would like to install solar on my house I need info on how to install and where to purchase the product

ssadmin answers:

Go to the top of this page and search for solar panels. You will find a lot of info. Do a lot of studying before spending money. Mistakes can be costly.

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