Your Questions About Solar Panels For Home

Ruth asks…

how to make solar panels or windmills at home cheap?

i have been looking for how to make solar panels at home for cheap. i only found expensive ebooks that tell you what to buy and how to put it together. is there anything free someone posted somewhere on what to buy and how to put together solar panels cheap? if not then windmills work too, so long as i dont have to buy an ebook or anything like that. maybe someone posted how to make one in a blog somewhere. if you know where, please tell me the link. thanks!

ssadmin answers:

My dad made a solar heater the following way, maybe you can modify it for your needs?

You will need foam insulation, 2 junk glass patio doors, about three cases worth of empty soda cans, black spraypaint, epoxy, caulk, dryer hose, plywood the size of the patio doors, and a thermostat-controlled fan.

Cut a hole in the plywood the same diameter as the dryer hose. Spray one side of the plywood black. Cut tops off soda cans, epoxy to plywood. The cans should touch at the sides and completely cover the wood. Spray all cans black. Cut insulation to make “sides” of a box, a little taller than the soda cans on all four sides of the plywood. Seal patio doors to the insulation “sides” after installing thermostat on the patio doors. Run dryer hose inside.

Make sure you put this in direct sunlight. The way it works is that the sunlight heats up the sprayed metal through the glass. As soon as it gets as hot as you've set the thermostat, the fan kicks on and blows hot air into the house until it cools off again. I know it sounds sort of MacGuyver crazy, but it kept my basement bedroom warm when I was a teenager. Good luck!

James asks…

What is the average cost for home solar panels?

ssadmin answers:

Despite what many people say, you don't need batteries for a solar system if you are going to also be connected to the electric company (grid). You just need the panels and an inverter (and mounting hardware and safety equipment like breakers and fuses).

Most people don't generate all of the electricity they use. They offset some of their use with solar and buy the rest from the grid. You can get a very small grid-tied solar system for as little as $3000. However, it won't generate much electricity at all. I'd say an average size system is around $10k – $20k. Here are some packages that show all of the components needed. Http://

If you want to see how much you need, look at your electric bill and see how many kwh you buy each month. Put that number into a calculator like this one, and see how big of a system you need. Http:// Installed cost is about $8 per watt of solar panel.

George asks…

How much does it cost to install solar panels at home?

My family is really “Green” when it comes to our lifestyle. I just need to know how much it would cost for solar panels to provide our electricity. How many would one house need? Do they charge by the panel?

ssadmin answers:

It is not that simple. You need panels, batteries to store the energy, an inverter. Your usage can be figured out by a professional who will ask you questions about your lifestyle to figure out your average usage, determining your panel/battery needs. You cannot run any high usage items such as electric dryers or electric stoves, or electric furnace (depending on where you live). There are a lot of variables. You will be looking at around $20-30000 per average 4 person household.

Nancy asks…

where to get plans to build solar panels at home?

I am interested in building solar panels for my own use. I think an output of around 20 watts will be sufficient for my purpose if I can tie them together and charge deep cycle batteries. Need the plans for dummies as I know nothing about these things.Thanks for any help you can provide me!

ssadmin answers:

If you want to make solar panels and get an energy rebate, this link will show you how.


good luck.

Chris Cordoba

Linda asks…

How to install solar panels at home without lots of extra wiring.?

I'm interested in installing myself but have no knowledge of solar panels.Can the excess be sold back to the national grid and how does that work?. What is the average cost?. Where is the best place to get all the equipment from?. Does anyone sell kits for individuals with everything needed included.? What can be run off an average size panel. What is the best size panel to start with?.

ssadmin answers:

They don't really produce enough electricity to sell to the National grid. I assume you're in the UK. A better bet is panels that heat water using the heat of the sun. In winter the water coming off the mains is close to freezing, warm it up before it goes in to your hot water tank and that will save energy and much cheaper than solar panels that produce electricity. I assume you are turning your computer off when not needed. Turning your TV off instead of leaving it on standby. Using low energy light bulbs. Wearing warm clothing in winter and turning the heating down a little. Driving only when you have to? Saving energy is usually better than producing it. I'm quite interested in these new “bright” LEDs – they are really efficient at producing light. I find “low energy” light bulbs are useless for many applications. Like I can't see to read! Leds may replace them soon. I had LEDs for my Christmas lights and they were efficient and controllable.

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