Your Questions About Solar Panels For Sale

Helen asks…

I am thinking about getting into solar Panel sales but I do not know too much about it. ?

l am looking for information on it and have found allot but really I am looking for information on regulation, pricing, how much is necessary to generate enough energy for the average home ect.

ssadmin answers:

Do a google search on solar-power, then refine your search using the ‘search within results' feature at the bottom of the returns page for books.

Once you've found some interesting ones, go to & see if any used ones are available, or, if you live in a large metro area, check out your library. You could also get your library to get you the books thru their inter-library loan program.

Don't know about any regulations, but many states offer tax breaks for installing the systems.

Good luck…

Chris asks…

Where is the best and cheapest on-line store to purchase solar panels? For our home, in Southeast Texas?

We are one mile away from the nearest power line and they want $34,000 for power lines to be ran through timber lands. Our options are, for us to live green. We would like to find a company that sales and installs solar panels and has propane or high efficeint appliances. Help Please!

ssadmin answers:

A solar power system is not a self help project. Hire a professional, or better yet get proposals from two contractors so you can compare them. Propane is certainly a big part of your approach. Cooking almost requires something in addition to solar unless you are prepared to spend megabucks..

Donna asks…

starting a solar panel business?

Hello to all, I want to start my own solar panel business. Sales, installing and repairs. I know how to install the panels i just need some advice as how to go about starting. Where do I start, how much do I need, any required licenses. Thank you for your time.

ssadmin answers:

In most areas you will need to have a contractors license or pay someone who does to oversee the actual installs, also will you be doing Grid Tied systems or off-grid systems? You will need to have agreements with inverter manufacturers, and panel manufacturers.

You will probably require a Business License (depending on what State, county ..etc..) you live in. First stop would be City Hall or your county government office. I'd also ask my State representatives if they could supply any info as to any advantages given to “GREEN BUSINESSES”

Good Luck!

Maria asks…

solar panel?

solar panel for sale

ssadmin answers:

The term solar panel may refer either to a photovoltaic array, a collection of solar cells used to generate electricity, or to a flat solar thermal collector, such as a solar hot water panel, used to generate solar hot water or otherwise collect solar thermal energy. In both cases, the panels are typically flat, and a few meters in height and width, and are ideally sized for easy installation, and are priced so that they find typical use in domestic or light industrial applications.

Solar thermal panels are more economically viable at the moment than solar photovoltaic panels. Recently there has been a resurgence in development towards large scale energy production in parts of the world with significantly high insolation levels; solar panels are the primary component of most small-scale solar power generating facilities. Larger facilities, such as solar power plants typically contain an array of concentrators and steam turbines.

George asks…

Advice for building a solar generator?

We are moving to a remote location without any electricity, and would like to produce our own. We have read that it is pretty easy to set up solar power, and there are ready-made solar generators for sale. If we build our own, how many solar panels would we need to comfortably power a small cabin, and what other materials will we need to set it up? About how much will this all cost?

ssadmin answers:

A solar electric system consist of in simplest terms a panel, charge controller, battery, and a load “lights, radio, etc”. This system can be expanded on.
The first item you need to consider is the loads, what do you want them to be. How much energy do they consume per hour and how many hours a day are they used. The next is the voltage of the items 12volt dc, 24 volts dc, 120 volts ac. In general 120 volt ac itmes are easier to obtain but in general less effeciant but also have longer life spans then the 12 and 24 volt dc versions.
Example we use 1 light bulb that consumes 20 watts at 12 volt for 4 hours a day. This buld would need 20*4=80 watts of energy per day. Next lets say you had 5 of these light bulbs and they were all used the same amount every day, you would need 80*5=400 watts to run these lights. Next lets say you want 2 days of reserve enegy incase it rains or something 400 *2=800 watts.
These 2 figures help give us the panel and battery size. Lets look at the panels first. We determind we needed 400 watts per day. Look around on the interent and you will find a chart with hours a day of sun light for your area. Lets say your area get 2.5 hours of direct sun per day in the worst time of year you would need 400/2.5=160 watts of panels.
The next figure is the 800 watts of battery. You never want to discharge your battery more than 40% this will reduce your battery life. So lets do the math again. (800/40)*100=2000
Now lets assume your battery back is 12 volts 2000/12=167 amp hour back.
So your system would consist now of 160 watts of solar panels 167 amp 12 volt battery bank a charge controller mounting system for the panels, box for the batteries, and an small fuse or breaker panel to protect all the equipment.
This would be a very simple system but if you wanted to add tv's radios computer etc. You need to do the load calcs on them add them all together and do the math. Don't just go out and buy a system someone off the internet sales you it may not be right for what you need.
Something else you will need to see the sun most of the day no shading of the panels. Good luck solar is great.

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