Your Questions About Solar Panels For Sale

Thomas asks…

Do solar panels work for heating an above ground back yard pool?

Asking for someone who actually owns them and is not in sales. 18 foot round pool living in Ohio.

ssadmin answers:

Check with your local pool supply they have solar blankets that you can put over your pool and they work great….you may be able to purchase one for $100.00 or less.

Laura asks…

Conservatives – since you're all against government interfering in business, how do you feel about the fact?

that municipal power companies have been lobbying Congress for years to impose a tax on the sale of residential solar panels and wind turbines, with the proceeds from that tax going to subsidize municipal power companies?

Do you consider this to be “the free market at work”?
@ Eagle – you're wrong. The Ethanol industry has matured and is past the subsidy phase.

ssadmin answers:

Thats not government intervention. Thats a company ASKING for a tax. Which is rather stupid.

Michael asks…

Why do GW deniers pretend that Al Gore is “just trying to make money”…?

Al Gore invests in green technology, he has done so for a long time and makes no secret about that. However, he hasn't made any money as a result of any policy or law that has passed…. he has made money by investing in green technologies that individuals and companies actually want to buy.

If you are going to make money on something….. which is worse… making money off the sale of solar panels, or barrels of oil ?….

Wouldn't he be a hypocrite if he invested in oil, while spreading the word about GW ?

Now you can all feel free to go find your conspiracy theory links, bogus websites, and blogs…, and pretend it's an actual source. Post them here, and thumb each other up….all day.

Not a single one of you can credibly substantiate this ridiculous assertion.

Do you know what an OP-ED peice is ?…

Essentially…it's a blog.

Try again….

ssadmin answers:

Is USA today a good source? I also have a good source which is a very close friend to Al Gore.

Then there is the troubling matter of his energy use. In the Washington, D.C., area, utility companies offer wind energy as an alternative to traditional energy. In Nashville, similar programs exist. Utility customers must simply pay a few extra pennies per kilowatt hour, and they can continue living their carbon-neutral lifestyles knowing that they are supporting wind energy. Plenty of businesses and institutions have signed up. Even the Bush administration is using green energy for some federal office buildings, as are thousands of area residents.

But according to public records, there is no evidence that Gore has signed up to use green energy in either of his large residences. When contacted Wednesday, Gore's office confirmed as much but said the Gores were looking into making the switch at both homes. Talk about inconvenient truths.

Joel Hyatt, CEO of Current TV, says he and Gore set out “to democratize—small d—television first and the media industry generally.” Al Gore's $100 Million Makeover
By: Ellen McGirtJuly 1, 2007
Not long ago, he was the butt of jokes–lockbox, earth tones, a postelection beard. Then he dusted off an old slide show and jumped with both feet into the private sector. The untold story of how an epic loser engineered what may be the greatest brand makeover of our time.

Edit: So you don't like USA Today, what about the other piece from his long time partner about him re-inventing himself to the tune of 100 million dollars, or is that a blog also.

Donald asks…

I would like some advice on selling solar energy systems for houses/swimming pools?

Hi there,
I have an interview with a sales company selling solar panel systems for houses/swimming pools.

The benefits of having solar panel energy systems is as follows,

No gas bill to pay for(Energy from sun)
longer life on boiler etc.
Adds value to your house

I have taken the recession into consideration,but the company does offer finance to anybody wishing to make a purchase on this product.
Part of the money you would of used on gas could go towards paying for the finance.

I have recently been made redundant so I have nothing to lose due to this position being commission based only but the leads are confirmed
Thanks very much

PS to check this company out in full,there web address is as follows,

ssadmin answers:

If you have nothing to loose like unemployment benefit or housing benefit etc then go for it but don't expect to make much money. I have been in telesales for 15 years and the past 4 was in alarms, which were not doing to well and the boss decided to try solar panels, we spent 2 weeks trying and no one was interested, I was made redundant in january and done some part time telesales for a well know double glazing company who also do solar panels but again no one wanted them. Customers just laugh and tell you they cant afford them. The leasing companies are not giving anyone finance at the moment, anyone getting one has to have permission from their council and that puts them off. I don't want to dishearten you but be prepared to work very hard, spend hours in someones house trying to sell them for very little return. Unless yo have years of high pressure selling in the home improvement market you wont like the job. Good luck.

Lizzie asks…

Does State Solar exist OS or here? Anyone know much about them and their panels?

I was interested in getting solar panels and saw their add. what they offer seems good. A friend did a quick visit and was very suprised when phoning everyone was a traveller, popped in and found the same thing when there as well.
Are they australian company or not? I can't seem to find anything on them or who they are. I tried ringing a few times and they sounded very far away, I couldn't tell if they were OS or not. Sort of weird they seem not to exist and not hire many locals and well…
just marketing a lot as seem to be no history. anyone had any prior dealings with them or the owner? how is their reputation and standing with tax office? i have heard some places now prefer travellers for tax and not sure if its who i want to do business with. i know Vegemite is not really local but should be i think.
Doesn't that mean that locals miss out a bit this a new kind of sweat shop? I find it odd that I get a different traveller every time and they can't tell me much about themselves just the solar panels. who are they exactly and does anyone know why they would be bringing in travellers…that would be what a tourism role might do.
why? my ethics sort of make it that i prefer to deal with locals and last i heard they fired someone for asking for their rights. Has anyone else seen this kind of thing? Had been toldl its might be a new type of sweat shop that hires western tourists instead and heard of yet another one that hires, then takes sales and is dont pay them to the owner of the sales.
I would like to know if anyone knows much about their solar panel scheme and if they heard of them or dealt with them?
YEAH but why would they try and hire travellers that here today gone tomorow..and so are the sales? i sort of dont get it…and am sure anyone can make solar panels!!!

ssadmin answers:

I live in the USA, and haven't heard of that company. Your best source of references may the company, itself. Call and ask them for local references, that is, a successful installation that you can visit.

Also, call their competitors. I would expect to hear things like, “Oh yes, they do quality work, BUT [we are cheaper, faster, offer more features…]” On the other hand, if you hear words like “scam,” take notice.

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