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Ken asks…

how much do solar panels cost?

I have an 1800 square foot house in Florida. There are currently 2 solar panels for hot water, but they don't work (I bought the house a year ago). I'm now interested in going completely solar (hot water and everything else) because my power bill is ridiculous. Does anyone know approximately what I could expect to spend, and what the tax credits/rebates are? I've found a lot of conflicting information on-line, and a lot of it seems like just high powered sales pitch. Interested in finding out from someone who has done it on their house. What did it cost, what tax credits did you get, and how much does it save you on your power bill? thanks
OK just to clarify — I'm not looking just to repair the solar panels I already have, as they were only for hot water. I'm looking to go completely solar.

ssadmin answers:

As far as tax credits/ rebates are concerned you should visit:
^That is a database of all the different incentive programs available.

To figure out total system cost I would recommend visiting
They are extremely helpful in providing unbiased information as they are simply a liaison between people interested in solar energy and the installers. If you visit the site they can provide you with a quick comprehensive solar quote (breaking down everything from net cost to estimated payback period) completely free of charge. They helped me out when I was at a crossroads in my solar search. I wish you the best of luck with your project!

Paul asks…

any sales outlet for solar power panel etc in manila?

caria…thanks a lot, i don't know what i'm gonna do without you…forgot about this ebay.

ssadmin answers:

You mean the one shown in TV…
I don't know but I'll search for that…


Oh, I got it!


hope this helped!

Chris asks…

how many 12 volt appliances or devices have you successfully run on a 12 volt solar panel?

So i bought a brand new 12 volt solar panel that retailed for $170 for only $5.00 at a garage sale a few months ago

and what I would like to know is how many 12v devices fans/lights etc… you can run before you start running into reduced power issues resulting in reduced performance load

ssadmin answers:

You won't be able to run much. Use it to charge batteries so you can run LV lighting. The problem with 12v devices is that they draw a lot of current- more than a solar panel can efficiently provide.

Richard asks…

Solar vs. Wind power and how i can use it?

Okay I was on new egg checkin out some solar panels and noticed they have wind generators for sale on their site to money is no problem but like all folks i dont wanna spend more than i have too which should i buy solar or wind? which can get me the most electricity?? and does anyone know about how i can get my house to run on completely solar or wind?

ssadmin answers:

Imho , I would go with solar. It's more consistent and there's a lot of guides and people to help you with them. Windmills require a lot more hardware and a very good location to be worth it.

There's even ebay selling the cells you could use to build your own panels. Here's a Squidoo lens where a guy explains how to assemble one, you might want to check it out. Http://

Hope it helps

Susan asks…

Trying to find solar cells….?

I am trying to purchase some individual solar/pv cells. Just single cells and not the whole panel. If anyone knows a site or company, that would be great. So far I only see whole panels for sale. Any help would be really appreciated.

ssadmin answers:

A quick google search for ‘solar cells for sale' shows a number of electronic stores that sell photovoltaic cells. The first link in the source box shows one company selling individual cells of various sizes for between $1.50 and $12. If you want to try making your own solar cells, the other two links are to articles on the Green Home Projects blog that give instructions on how to do it.

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