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John asks…

I recive this offer and i don't know if that real ?

This the msg :
Dear Candidate,
We have an Online Part-Time Job Offer available for you . Our company is based in above mentioned address in Hong Kong and a new branch in United Kingdom .We deal in solar panel production and sales . We have been receiving orders from Denmark , USA , Australia and other parts of europe , which we have not been able to process competently since we do not have a payment receiving personnel in these Areas.We have decided to recruit payment officers online hence we will be needing a representative to process our payments in these areas – due to delays in processing payments from these areas in Asia .
What we offer:
Flexible program:1) One hour/day at your choice,daytime and evening time.
2) Work at home: checking e-mail and going to the bank.
3) Part time or full time Professional contact team with very good support and communication skills Other highlights: no selling involved, no kit to buy,we won't charge you anything. Salary Pounds850 every two weeks to a total of Pounds1700 per month
4) Commission: 10% of every payment that is cashed instantly “cash in hand” or “cash on counter” is what you get from the total cashed amount.


EXAMPLE If you receive a check of Pounds8000.00 our net income is Pounds800.00 , our company supports any fees. You will process at least 2-3 payments per months and you will earn more than expected due the amount of payment our clients make out for merchandises purchased per month .

What we ask:One free hours daily not including weekends, Internet access for sending and receiving e-mails,available means of cashing money orders/checks at your bank using your existing bank account.

You must be over 21 years of age..
If you meet these condition and wish to apply send this reference position number ( Way-Star-LTD-jboffer-PTFT43992 ) and you contact me directly by replying at this e-mail address.
( ) to receive Representative Contract agreement.

* Full Names :-
* Address. (not P.O.Box):-
* City:-
* State:-
* Postal Code:-
* Phone:-
* Email:-
* Age:-
* Occupation :-
* Marital Status :-
* Sex :-

And the adress is :
United Kingdom Branch
WayStar LTD
6-10 Osborn Street,
United Kingdom,
E1 6TD

ssadmin answers:

Don't do it!!

First of all, that note/message exhibits poor grammatical structure (which is atypical for a hiring manager or a professional). Eventually, they're probably going to ask you for your bank account information or to send them money.

Mary asks…

Which is the best DIY solar panel/wind turbine program? Real people only, please.?

I've been looking at all of the options for installing solar electricity systems online, and I've noticed that even the so-called review sites all seem to be part of a sales pitch….haven't found a single, independent review of any of these products. Has anyone out there actually used any of these (Earth4Energy, HomemadeEnergy, etc.), and if so, how good are they?

ssadmin answers:

If you have noticed that Earth4Energy is a scam (which it is), then you may be amused by my analysis of it at

If you want to build a wind turbine yourself (like a good engineer would), then get the following book:

Homebrew Wind Power
Dan Bartmann & Dan Fink
Foreword by Mick Sagrillo

ISBN: 978-0-9819201-0-8
Published by Buckville Publications LLC

You can get this from This is a startlingly complete book and it has all the background theory you need too. They explain why, for example, you cant use a car alternator or something from a generator, and then proceed to build alternators from scratch. The references are compete — if you explore them and have the time to read, you will be right up there with the pioneers.

As for DIY solar, you can get the parts (panels, inverters, batteries, charge controllers) individually from many sources and make a system. It will not be cheap. You can't make your own silicon cells, and probably aren't up to designing the electronics, can't make your own batteries etc.

My recommendation is this: Get the wind book. Look through the web sites of some of the better looking solar dealers, and if they seem to be “no bull” then e-mail them and tell them what you want. E.g. An entry level system, 80W panel, battery, inverter and charge controller so that you can make enough power for say, a small laptop. The good ones will be able to tell you what works together.

If you are thinking of a whole home solution, then you have a lot of reading to do. You need to switch to natural gas or propane (no electric heat, electric stove, electric hot water) and absolutely mininize the electrical load.

It would be nice to market a good DIY manual, but with a truthful title like “Generate power at home for more than you are paying now” or “With thirty thousand dollars in equipment, you too can avoid those monthly power bills” sales would be pathetic.

Have fun.

As for “real people” comment, when I see questions like this, I wonder if I am wasting my time because many of the questions are not real either. They are simply created by scammers so that they can add their scam replies and rate it best answer. I find this particilary galling when someone says, “this is for my science fair, and I am 14 years old” and all the answers are Earth4Energy scammers. Other times, I find my comments pasted on fake energy sites with links to pharmaceuticals. It is a mad world out there.

Betty asks…

Why are people so misinformed about Solar Photovoltaic Systems, is that the work of Oil Propaganda?

There is a 30% Tax credit to buy a Solar Panels (aka Solar Photovotaic Modules or Solar PV). The tax rebate is much like any oter allowable deduction that people get like writing off your mortgage and business losses

Most systems have NO BATTERIES. They are connected to the power company with a bi-directional meter that buys your excess electricity when you are at work, and at school, and it's a good deal for your local power company. In exchange in many states such as CA and NJ and 21 different States, they pay up to 40% of the cost of your system? Why? They get to buy your power locally an cheaper from the panels on your roof.

In addition, the bi-directional meter you are on with the power company supplies you with power in bad weather and at night, so there are no worries about being without power.

The Solar PV company, sizes your system, based on your location, and average days of sunshine in your area, and the usage and loads in your home, so that by the end of the year, based on the electricity your roof panels produce, what you use, what you have to buy from the power company, it all zeros out.

The Panels are warranted for 25 years and take virtually no maintenance accept to be hoses off a couple of times a year to work at optimum performance.

CSP — Concentrated Solar Power is different. They are the long trough-like systems in the desert, that heat oil to high temperatures, which run turbines, which heat steam and make electricity for commercial sale, much like traditional coal systems do, but without the coal.

Solar PV is considered distributed (every home is a power plant) and CSP is more like a traditional power plant.

With a 30% tax rebate, which is no worse than all your other write-offs, and with power company incentives (which are a good deal for the power companies, you only pay a fraction of the actual cost, and everyone wins but the petroleum industry and foreign Oil companies.

Did you know you can check your local incentives here?

ssadmin answers:

Actually, from driving through Ohio & Indiana & the boring part of Colorado, I think it's just that the clean energy focus is wind at the moment.

I mean wind energy is even coming to Chicago.

Sharon asks…

I need to sell my Costa Rican Propereties but I find no one interested so what to do?

Most properties which are for sale and end up being sold are on the Pacific side unfortunetly Iam on the Caribbean side high up in the Telemanca Mtns with a great vista with a gentile breeze.
My house consists of 2 story concrete and wood frame structure with deeded water supply and 14 solar panels/batteries/power inverter for all my electrical needs.The house sits on 12.5 acre parcel all cleared/fenced/with title regestered in Zapote,a suburb of San Jose,Costa Rica.House was built in 1983.

ssadmin answers:

With all that riffraff on the Caribbean side you can not give it to me for free. Thanks

Joseph asks…

is this solar panel worth buying?
it cost $200 online but its currently on sale in the store for $180. i plan on using it for when i go camping to charge a 12v battery to power a tv, or other electrical needs.
i take it camping because nature is boreing.

ssadmin answers:

My experience with harbor freight is cheap tools, but not great quality, i guess its what you get what you pay for, but if your only using it for camping here and there and watching TV while you are out there it might do alright, usually their tools dont last too long, but that does seem like a good deal as long as it works well and you get your money out of it.
There is also other web sites out there that give you step-by-step directions on how to build solar panels with hardware store parts for very cheap, this site seems like one of the best ones

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