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Thomas asks…

Harbour Freight has Solar panels on sale. Should i buy them?

Well, It says 45 watts. Is that each panel? And if you get the panels then what?? You can't plug into a PANEL can you?? I want to be able to run my fridge if power is out for ten days again like it was in April.

ssadmin answers:


I haven't looked at this in a long time — but last time I did the storage panels are used to charge large storage batteries — The kind in a car.

You would than need an inverter to change the 12v DC from the batteries to 110c AC.
Different inverters offer different wattages so you will need to choose carefully.

Since the batteries are on constant charge, during daylight hours, you will need to use a voltage regulator so the batteries are not overcharged.

To find out how many panels and batteries you need and what kind of inverter — I might want to Google.

Jenny asks…

Are there solar thermal panels/pv systems avail. for less than $8-10/watt in egypt? Solar panel sales in egy?+

Anyone convert some or all of their home/business to solar energy and what did it cost there? what region of egypt? what companies sell solar panels in egypt?

ssadmin answers:

There Are Solar Heaters In Egypt!! Great Now I'm Going Green! Yay!!

Charles asks…

hi everyone iam looking a place where they sale solar panel?

ok i trying to install a fountain in my house but i don”t have electricity close the place were the fountain go so i was thinking to install a solar panel for the motor of the fountain if anny one knows were ican find them or where they sale them pls anny info. thank you very much

ssadmin answers:

There are a few cowboys in the solar panel business, so get a reputable firm, even going so far to see a govt. Dept. For advice

Steven asks…

how long will the solar power panels for sale at b and q take to pay for themselves?

ssadmin answers:

There are a lot of different panels out there that range from 30 watt to 75 watt. If you put a few in a series connection, you can make them whatever you want. It all depends what you want to power and how much you have paid for the panel. They can range anywhere from 100 to 600 dollars. You will also need a control to manage the power that the panel will deliver. The power can be stored in batteries, usually 12 volt batteries of 2 6 volt batteries in series. Again, it depends what you want to power. Good luck with this and I hope this helps a little!

David asks…

Are any of the new low cost/high efficiency solar (photovoltaic) panels on sale for consumers?

I keep hearing about these great advances in photovoltaics, (such as; plastic, thin film/nanotube technologies), but everywhere I look, even manufacturer’s websites, there seems to be no way to get your hands on any products. Does anyone know how I can get my hands on some of this “great stuff”? Or when anything will be available to the consumer? I’m trying to determine whether to pull the trigger on a silicon based array (tied into the grid) for my home, but don’t want to drop this much coin if these supposedly great new technologies are looming on the horizon and especially not if they are already here.
plausipo: Thanks. I have a subscription to Home Power and have been getting estimates from various companies. If it were only $20K I would have it installed by now. I'm getting a range from $80K to $150K for a complete grid-tie system, no batteries. Since 2002 I've noticed a bunch of talk about cheep $2/w PV panels on the near horizon. This company is supposedly producing high efficiency/low cost PV film only to large contractors and the federal government. I want to know when this type stuff will be available… if anybody knows?

ssadmin answers:

Added** The lowest manufacturing cost today is from firstsolar @~$2/W ( , instead of using silicon, the active pv material is Cadmium Telluride thin film), however, does not necessary translate to be the lowest cost to consumer. The average module per Watt cost to consumer is about $5-6 /W. Adding the mounting, wiring and installation comes to about $10/W. Average household system size is around 3kW. If there is an installer close to your place, then it would be about $30K minus state incentives. Don't wait for dye sensitized solar cells. First, its more an R&D effort (might take another 20 years to mature). Secondly, the material system relies on organic or liquid ionic transfer, which is inherently not stable under the sun (bummer when we're talking about “solar” cell)…
If you can afford it, buy it now. New technology in solar is unlike in electronics, it does not come out every year and a lot of the new technologies, are “forward looking statements”. What is more, State incentive might be lowered later. In return, the cost to you could be about the same.
In the States, a system would cost ~$10/W, with incentive, it could be half, i.e., if you're installing a 2kW system, it would be about $10K, less than buying a car.
1) Where to get it:
2) Who to choose:
3) States' incentives:

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency®

Hope it helps.

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