Your Questions About Solar Panels For Your Home

Sandy asks…

Installing solar panels and wind turbines at home?

I'm planning on installing both solar panels and wind turbines at my house over the next few years hoping to be more energy efficient. But, being the high cost of it I'm planning on doing it gradually as the money comes available to me. I use on average over a 12 month period about 800 kWh of electricity a month. I also live in Michigan where the average amount of sun is only about 3.5 hours a day year long and that's my reasoning for using both solar and wind. A grid tie inverter seems like it would be the most beneficial because it would eliminate the use of battery's and I think it would maximize the efficiency of the system over its life time. I'm an industrial electrician so I think I can figure out most of the installation my self. Can anyone give me some advice on what would be a good starting off point because this is all new to me? I don't have a problem working hard or doing more work to save some money as long as it wouldn't effect the efficiency of the project.

Thank you for your time.

ssadmin answers:

If you're looking to install your own renewable energy system, I would recommend taking some design and Installation classes. There are quite a few out there, but the ones that come to my head right away are….

AltE University

Solar Energy International


Midwest Renewable Energy Association…

If you do a web search for Wind Turbine or Solar Panel Installation classes it should pull up plenty more options.

Also, check out Homepower magazine. It is a fantastic resource.


Thomas asks…

does solar power actually help lower your electricity bill over time?

also what is cheaper and better for earth, gas or electricity for heating water? and how much would it cost to have solar power for a 6000 sq ft home, not counting heating water, just lights, electronics and AC. also what do you think is better, money wise, over time to buy solar panels or to by a hybrid car?

ssadmin answers:

Dear ma,
Thank you, am also fine like you then dear i also appreciate your nice thinking & for better buy a solar panels.

David asks…

Homemade Solar Panel Question – What Ebook to buy?

I recently asked a question as seen below and only recieved 2 answers but both were stating that most homemade solar panel guides or build home solar panels are mostly scams..well I have purchased 2 ebooks so far and they are OK and it seems like it is possible, but the ones I purchased are not clear enough…However, I see so many places and forums where people are succeeding at building their own home solar power…If anyone has found any ebooks or resources that can help me build one, I would appreciate it…Thanks for the input…below was my previous question…..
“I just purchased a new home and am wanting to go green a little. I want to attempt and make my own homemade solar panels. I have found so many Do It Yourself solar panel guides and reviews I don't know which one to use or trust. Does anyone have any recommendations that are tried and true that work and with very detailed on how to make your DIY solar panel? Thanks for the help.”…

ssadmin answers:

I had researched this vary same idea for several months on how to build my own solar power because my local home improvement stores wanted several thousand's of dollars to install their systems. I personally purchased 4 different books and most of them were hard to follow..I did find one that actually helped me create my own solar panels but it ended up costing me about $150 more than stated in the book because I wanted to make it look more professional since I plan on selling my house in a year…here is the link I used to find the book. Good luck!
it was the editors first choice, I think it was called greenDIY

Michael asks…

Thinking of installing solar power for my house. What am I looking at cost-wise?

After having a conversation the other day, I was thinking seriously about installing solar panels for my home. I just bought the home this year, and plan to live here for a very long time. The house is located in Texas. I plan on residing at this house for a very long time, which is why I am considering this.

I'm looking to completely eliminate my monthly electric bill, which averages about 350$ monthly. I also heard there may be some kind of government rebates and incentives for powering your home with solar power, as well as the possibility for electric companies to pay you for surplus energy.

Basically I am a solar power newbie and need a complete rundown of the whole thing to make an educated decision. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

ssadmin answers:

A roof filled with pv panels will run you about $30,000. If your state has good incentives, you will be looking at a total out of pocket cost of $15,000, with a pay back period of close to 20 years. If you want maximum benefits with solar panels, cover your roof with pv, and leave enough room for 3 solar thermal panels for domestic hot water and have a heating element installed to pre-heat your air for hot air heating.

A solar thermal system costs roughly $10,000 to install and payback is less than 10 years. Combine both of these and your about set. Unless you live on the coast, wind power is just about useless to you. But if you do live near the coast, you will need the wind power. Good luck

Chris asks…

How to solar power my future home?

I have a few friends who live in a house with solar energy, but they have no air conditioning, or heat, well, their heat comes from a wood stove, I want all the luxuries you can get from a house powered by electricity, but I want to have solar power, is that possible, and can I have all of this running off a few panels? or is it possible to actually hook up the heating/cooling unit to another solar panel? will any of this work, or is that just one of those things you have to deal with when getting solar panels for your house?

Thanks for any help you guys give me!

P.S. Money won't be a problem with the panels, so don't hold back anything 🙂

ssadmin answers:

Well, if you start with the less expensive Solar Thermal collectors, you would have hot water, residential heat and airconditioning for far less than a Solar Photovoltaic system. There would be more maintenance as there is a pump, a hot water tank, piping, and an absorption heat pump unit. Since the majority of a home's energy use is for hot water, heating and airconditioning and would be provided for by solar thermal collectors, you would only need a small photovoltaic system.

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