Your Questions About Solar Panels For Your Home

Susan asks…

Solar panels on roof. can you help me decide?

If Ed Begley is around maybe he can help also! 🙂
My home is directly southwest facing and needs a completely new roof (composite shingles)

I would like to place solar panels across the entire front of the roof. approximately 900 square feet in the front of the house.

1. Do I reroof underneath the panels first or can I leave the old shingles on underneat.

2. Will this be adequate to take me off the power grid in my 1800 square foot home and outside lighting in garden aea?
I have a washer, dryer, fridge, dishwasher and electric stove, and air conditioner to run.

thank you for all your help. I need to make this decision before having the new roof put on.

ssadmin answers:

Just rough guessing here. A 115 watt solar panel I have on my home is right at 3 foot wide and 5 foot long. That is 15 sq. Feet. So you will get about 7.6 watts per sq foot. Times 900 = about 6,900 watts in solar power on your roof. If you get 5 hours of peak sun a day you will produce about 41.4 kWh a day.

That is just over twice what I use in an 1700 sq foot home.

Yes you will need to replace your roof because it could leak and you would have to remove all the solar from your roof to fix it in a few years.

So being you are replaceing your roof why not save a little money and install Solar roofing shingles. Should be about the same or less being you are going to reroof and add solar. And no one would know you had solar unless you told them.

Lizzie asks…

Aren't Solar Panels & Wind Mills a JOKE?

Think about it. If Solar and Wind would work everywhere in the USA the Private Sector would Fund it as it would be a money maker. Hmmm No Private Sector wants to go near Solar and Wind and that is why our Government HAS to Fund it with our Tax Dollars.

Also, in the USA like Seattle which gets a tremendous amount of Rain which means no sun and no wind, how will it work there?

What about in other States where Hurricanes & Tornadoes are normal, Hail is normal, snow is normal etc……

How much is your Home Owners Insurance going to be to insure Wind Mills/Solar Panels once mother Nature destroys them?

WHERE are all the Cables/Wires going to be STORED FOR WIND MILLS not to mention all the Containers ?


Shouldn't WE look into this further before ruining our Country with it and start using our own Natural Resources and Nuclear which is clean?

ck4829 : reading your answer reminds me of what a POOR JOB the Republicans have to done to expose the propaganda you have written.

Education is Key to understanding and it's Propaganda and Sound bites that have not allowed the USA to use it's natural resources in a clean way.

ssadmin answers:

Solar and wind technology isn't advanced enough for this. Maybe in a few decades…

Joseph asks…

Are there any monthly expenses when purchasing solar panels for your home?

I understand you pay the price for the solar panels once and then use them for like 20 years – but are there any other expenses? Such as…charging the battery, maintanence, etc.?


ssadmin answers:

Most systems that solar installers design are grid-tied. That means they are connected directly into the grid and do not require a battery. Net metering is a special billing arrangement that allows customers to get credit for the full retail value of the electricity their photovoltaic (PV) system generates. Under this agreement, the customer’s electric meter tracks the surplus electricity generated by the solar electric system and the electricity that the customer consumes. The customer only has to pay for the net amount (consumption minus usage) of electricity they use.

In this scenario, there is virtually no maintenance for your solar installation. Dust and other debris settling on the modules will decrease their efficiency and power output. In most locations, rains are frequent and heavy enough to provide adequate washing. If rain isn’t coming often enough to keep them clean, or if bird droppings become a problem, modules can be washed down with a garden hose early in the morning or late at night.

Lisa asks…

How hard is it to convert your home to solar energy?

And can it be done without ruining the outside appearance of your house? All the solar homes I see are covered with funky panels, and it looks like a mess.

How much $$ would someone need to dish out for a transformation like that?

ssadmin answers:

I have seen this done on HGTV channel when people remodel their homes…
It is quite expensive to be sure…
Each home is different because of size…
They run plumbing all through the walls to pump water through to warm the floors and keep plumbing all insulated…
The lighting comes from the sun through special glass panes that filter warmth into the house…
It keeps everything warm in winter…
As for summer, the same windows are covered to keep the house cool and the plumbing is controlled by electronics to keep it cool…
I have seen the builders put in these big boxes that convert all your wires and plumbing to meet the needs of the house…
They have all kinds of buttons on them for setting special heat and cooling in different rooms…
It looks like you need a degree in electronics to learn to use them…
I am sure though I could never afford them and they would not work in my house because I have a manufactured home that does not have thick walls or strong exterior…
My house is all wood…

Maria asks…

Are there any Canadian Grants/Tax Benifits for installing and using Green Energy sources in your home?

Are there any Canadian Grants/Tax Benifits for installing and using Green Energy sources in your home – such as putting in solar panels, windmills, etc?

I've been thinking of using alternative energy sources when I buy my own house. However I know they are expensive. I was hoping that the government would have some sort of Tax break or grant or some way of financially helping with this sort of thing.

Also, if there is a website or phone number of relevance where I can get more information on this, I'd really appreciate it.


ssadmin answers:

Yes there are, although they are not amazing in my opinion. However, if you are doing the work anyways, might as well get the benefits….

Below is the gov of canada website dealing with eco- rebates, also a site for finding renewable professionals who can do the work.

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