Your Questions About Solar Panels For Your Home

Richard asks…

I will gladly volunteer my roof for the many miles of solar panels we need to produce hydrogen for cars!!!!?

would you? i think this is a great need plus you could draw a benefit from using some of the energy for your home. let me know what you think of this idea.
yes i know they are expensive, but im talking about if the corporations that build the vehicles need these miles of solar panels they would help with the cost. it would be an action to volunteer the space needed for thier venture.

ssadmin answers:

I'd like to put about 5kw of photovoltaic cells on my roof.

However they are still quite expensive. Take a look at Ebay to get an idea.

Ken asks…

When does your home or community pool open?

I have a pool at my house and it opened a month ago because we needed a new liner. We finally went in on Saturday. It was 69 degrees because we have solar panels. They are not as good for heating it but more helpful for the envirnment and ALOT cheeper.

ssadmin answers:

We had a new liner installed yesterday. The pool is still filling – we should have it ready for the weekend. Public pools open Memorial weekend.

Steven asks…

Why should we help the planet?

I'm doing an essay on how the main concern of obama this first year should be to patch-up this environmental hole we've dug. And, like any other essay I've written I'm starting by finding my 3 main body paragraphs. The topics of those paragraphs are:
I.It is a way to give to the future generations saves money-
1. putting in solar panels increases your home‘s value
2. using water bottles not only costs more, but uses more plastic
3. The U.S Department of Energy believes if current buildings were green-improved, the country would use $20 billion less in energy per year.
4. Green homes have better indoor air quality than other brand-new and pre owned homes, making the indoors physically healthier and more comfortable for homeowners

III. Our planet needs it!

As you can see, I've already finished paragraph 2's details, but I can't seem to find details to support “Our planet needs it” or “It is a way to give to the future generations”. Can anyone help me find 2 or 3 details for each? If not both, just one?
Extra: What could be my thesis statement(main idea of the essay)?

ssadmin answers:

By helping the planet, we are helping ourselves have a better quality of life in the longrun

Donna asks…

Where in CA can you build a home on your own?

I've been looking for cheap land all over CA recently (up to 1 acre), in southern and northern areas. I would preferably like to be near the mountains, and it be private but not so far away from a town & other people. I found a few lots of land in Tuolumne county but I believe the community that I am interested in requires you to have a licensed contractor build your property. Do a lot of communities in CA require you to hire people if you want to build on your land?
I am trying to buy land for around $1000-$5000, be able to build my small home on my own, of course having a building permit and having a building inspector come & check everything out. Also, if I am hooking up solar panels, is it fine that I do all of the wiring on my own & then have it checked out?
I have read about many people building their own homes and not being licensed contractors, however I am not sure if any of them were actually in CA.
So to sum it up, do you know where good, cheap, land is in CA where one can build their own home without having to hire contractors?
If anyone can actually answer this for me….. Thank youu! (><)

ssadmin answers:

I do design build for electrical systems for high end homes in the Napa Valley and the first thing that come to mind here after reading your question is {I mean this with all respect} “if you need to ask this question then you are not prepared for what is in store” I have experienced home that have cost 5 times what they should have because the owners thought along these lines. The land should not even be look for until local and national codes are understood. This will help in guiding what is and is not available. I have seen young people with big ideas watch as their dream home put them under. I think the best thing for someone in your situation is to hire a general contractor who deals in only custom homes and there boundaries. Then choose from a few land options for feed back on the restrictions including added cost of construction due to availability. He will be able to assess per area and real help in the decision making. At this point if you want to build yourself then retaining them as a consultant would also be advisable. I have been in the construction business for 30+ years and shied away from new construction due to these facts and bought a 4 story built in 1954. I completely gutted it and rebuilt it from the inside out to the way I wanted. I utilized the help of family and friends on items they could do and I installed everything else {elect, plumb, sewer, central air, etc} So I can relate, .. The feeling I get from this house now is would not be the same from a home with someone elses idea of a home should be. I do not know your extent of expertise in construction but have seen too many who had none and felt compelled to pass on my experience. Good Luck to you in everything.

Betty asks…

Is “Earth4Energy” worth buying? or is it a scam?

Im tempted to buy into this Earth 4 Energy information pack, which is about building your own solar panels and home solar power system for a lot cheaper than a fully new system…
Does anyone have any experience with this lot?

Is it worth $50?

ssadmin answers:

Total scam. There are a lot of fake review sites, that are actually put up by their own affiliates.

Here is one of the few honest reviews that I've seen, aside from serious solar energy forums:

The same information can be found on bittorrent sites for a free download if you search for “solar panel”, it you're that curious.

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