Your Questions About Solar Panels For Your Home

George asks…

Going solar: please share your experiences! Like to install solar HWS, heating etc. Live in Victoria Australia?

We're about to move to a 5 acre bush block outside Daylesford. The house is rendered brick double storey. It has an electric HWS and wood heater. We'd like to install solar panels on the roof to power everything but cannot afford this at all now. We thought we could start off with a solar combined hydronic heating and HWS but don't know much about it. If anyone has experiences with this, or in general about solar power it would really help us decide the best way to make our new home more sustainable. Thanks for any help offered!

ssadmin answers:

Solar Hot Water would be worth having (and not too expensive), solar panels probably aren't worth it.

You should ignore those who suggest paying extra for electricity from the grid as that is pretty much just a fraud (it has been known to sell more power from ‘renewables' than was actually generated) leaving aside the whole problem of wind not being able to actually replace coal.

Jenny asks…

92 square acres of Ausra solar panels can power the intire country (with power lines and grids updated.Tell Me

92 square acres of Ausra solar panels can power the intire country (with power lines and grids updated.Tell Me
I've been following the presidential race closely wanting to see who would put the most into updating the grid (My winner was Obama) but anyway Ausra is a private company located in my home town of Las Vegas I wan't to invest in this company It would take 1 Trillion dollers to update all of the countrys grids (T. Boon Pickens has invested 10 Billion in windturbines and has pressed congress to update the grid .Obama has promissed 150 billion to updating the grid (If your not familiar updating the grid enabels electric power generated from Nevada ,Texas or werever to be transferd coast to coast ( a Solar farm in Nevada can power times square. Also I found out that Google has donated considerable funds to the Obama campain here's something interesting( Prior to the donation if you were to google electric cars not much would come up but now if you do so you will see 10 private car companys that would qualify them for that 300 million doller prize that Mccain claims should be given to whoever can accomplish building an electric car that can travel long distances( Curious) Anyhow how would you invest in Ausra and how would you invest in the company's that would be updating the grid and power lines? Thanks and maybe your welcome.

ssadmin answers:

Try “over the counter” at one of the local brokerages. There are a lot of panel producers out their you might research the ownership ond their suppilers ownership and see if you can find a connect a dot political resource in the up line to your company that has enough power to swing your company selection some sales later.
Interesting is a new book out called “”
buy it at the sight and get a 2.5 hour viedo free $59.00 I think Las vegas would be a perfect spot for a start up with selective advertizing.

Mary asks…

Is getting solar panels worth it for your home?

Any recommendations for companies? Any things to look out for?

ssadmin answers:

Yes, solar panels are a great way to save on electricity costs for your home.

4 things I can tell you to look out for are:

Make sure you can fit enough solar panels on your house to make a decent saving. If you don't have the roof space then you can't put up enough panels and you might as well not bother. For a medium sized home, I would say that you should go no smaller than 2.2kW in solar panels. If you can fit more then go for it.

Make sure that the inverter that is used is big enough. It has to deal with the watts from the solar panels back to the power board to convert it as useable energy.

If you have a rebate system where you live then make sure you use it. Where I am we have carbon credits that the government will give you that you use to offset the cost of purchasing solar.

Don't fall for gimmicks where a company will promise you that you won't pay electricity every again. In order for that to happen you need to be putting more electricity back in the grid as you are currently using so you either need a huge amount of solar panels or you really need to cut back on what you are currently using.

Michael asks…

Solar Panels in Australia – Pro's and Con's? Are they worth it?

Hi, my partner and I have been looking into getting solar panels for our home. With the rebate the system is going to cost us about $10,000.00 if we go ahead (it is the bigger system option, not sure of the kW or watts). Would like to know if anyone has had Solar Panels installed and how much it cut out of your Power Bill? And pretty much will we make the money back? Our quarterly power bill is around $1000.00.

ssadmin answers:

Solar panels are definitely worth it. Solar power systems generally last 25 years and pay themselves back in 10.

David asks…

How weird is it,that the SC Justice Liberals hate the most (Roberts),gave them their dream? (0webamacare)?

With the decision on 0webamacare,Liberals now have almost unlimited Govt Power when in the majority,all they have to do is back up any crazy idea they have with a “Tax” as the penalty.If they don't like the car you drive,hit you with a “Tax Penalty”.If they don't like how much energy you use at home,hit you with a “Tax Penalty”,If you fail to put $40,000 in solar panels on your home,hit you with a “Tax Penalty”.

It truly is the template for nearly unlimited Govt Control,the ULTIMATE Liberal Dream come true,all brought to them by the SC Justice they talked about as if he were Satan Incarnate.

ssadmin answers:

Most of us already realized that the other two branches of our government are owned by the big corporations, but held some hope that the Supreme Court was untouchable.
The ruling on Obama care has proven us to be wrong.
The Court may call the mandate a “tax” or whatever they will, but the bottom line is that every citizen in the United States now has a government imposed “condition of residency”, where we are required to purchase a service from privately held corporations in order to maintain a legal status within our own Nation.
As you suggest, a precedent has now been set and the door has been flung wide open for any assortment of other such “conditions of residency”.
The Supreme Court ruling is not merely “evidence” of the pervasive power of the corporations, but stands as a substantial proof of ownership of the entire Government of the United States.
The realization of the “liberal dream” presents a potential nightmare for all Americans.

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