Your Questions About Solar Panels For Your Home

David asks…

Why do I get cut off from answering an important ? It is always when It is about oil or solar not used ?

I was in the middle of giving important answers to ?'s about McCain
saying we should use solar etc. I Got almost done and it went off screen; I cannot backpage it is like the ? is't even in the political section where I do most of my studying.

I think some one is viewing certain areas and when you begin hitting on too much “KNOWN” truth it clicks out of your vision.

I will continue to look for the question on McCain looking into solar energy. That is a farse. I was giving an example of a business that tried to go all solar in our area and LAWS have changed on using it totally, and also you do not get paid by selling xcess back to electric company. Look at the new houses in your area, how many have even a single panel of solar for say water heater, and a few of the things in your home. And look at all of the electronic stuff on the Market. I will find that ? some how, maybe by one of you answerers. Thanks!!
And why has our avitars not been coming up when we answer???
Someone is playing with something

ssadmin answers:

Ask a computer usage instructor!
Your are not properly trained or knowledgeable on the usage functions etc.

Susan asks…

SOLAR PANELS (sun enerjy)?

I have a question about solar panels. What are the benefits of this system if I installed in my home. for example i know it produces electricity but does it do anything else? How many panel would you guys think I would need for 2000 sq ft. do you know if it produces hot water?
Thanks for your help

ssadmin answers:

First, solar panels come in two basic types – photovoltaics, which produce electricity (the black cells you normally think of), and solar thermal, which heats water (or some other fluid). It's one or the other, you could install both if you want that. Solar thermal is cost effective today, depending on how you currently heat your water. (The hot water could also be used to create electricity, like in a steam turbine, generally done in larger power plants).

Photovoltaics are more expensive, but coming down in price every day. To know how many panels you need, you first have to determine how many kWH your house uses, and do you want to be completely off the grid (which would also require large batteries), or just reduce your electric bill.

Mary asks…

solar power?

does anyone live in places like arizona, texas, california.
and installed solar panels?
how much did it cost?
how much electricity does it produce?
for example, arizona has around 350 days of sun. something like that. is there enough electricity produced to AC your home?

state and federal incentives for energy efficiency

ssadmin answers:

Expect to pay between 8K to 13K. It should pay for itself in about 4 to 8 years depending on what size of a system you use.

Laura asks…


hi all, I want to know what it mean by “QUALIFIED SOLAR ELECTRIC PROPERTY”
from Form 5695, it said “Qualified solar electric property costs. Qualified
solar electric property costs are costs for property that
uses solar energy to generate electricity for use in a
home located in the United States and used as your
home. This includes costs relating to a solar panel or
other property installed as a roof or a portion of a roof.
The home does not have to be your main home.”

what I am not sure is by “installed as a roof or a portion of a roof” If I buy a solar panel and installed in on top of my roof, would that be consider “installed a portion of a roof”
“`(2) QUALIFIED SOLAR ELECTRIC PROPERTY- The term `qualified solar electric property' means solar electric property (as defined in section 179F(c)(2)(B)) installed on or in connection with a dwelling unit located in the US”
what is “179F(c)(2)(B)”,where can I find more on it?

ssadmin answers:

If you look in the link you posted, and scroll down, IRC Title 26, Section 179F(c)(2)(B):
~~~(B) SOLAR ELECTRIC PROPERTY- The term `solar electric property' means property which uses solar energy to generate electricity.~~~

Qualified solar electric property includes a solar panel installed on the roof, but it also includes other equipment not installed on the roof, also any wiring, piping, etc. Associated with installation. It must be properly installed with all necessary permits, and according to local fire and building codes.

Solar electric property is “qualified” if it is for use in a home located in the US that you own and live in at least part of the year.

Form 5695 is filed to claim the Non Business Energy Credit. In 2006, you were allowed a credit of 30% of your solar electric property costs, up to $2000 for qualified solar electric property, and up to $2000 for costs related to solar electric water heating, and a credit towards a fuel cell if you have one.

If the solar panel is permanently installed on your roof, it becomes a fixture, and part of your basis for the house. You must reduce the basis of your house by the amount of the credit claimed. When you sell your property, since your basis is higher, any taxable gain will be less.

See page 3 & 4, IRS Pub 553 for more information:

If your home is used for business, or you have a home office, then you are allowed to deduct depreciation on that percentage of business use. The solar panels and equipment increase the basis of your home and can be included in your depreciation calculations.

There are also other credits and deductions related to using solar electricity in business property.

Legislation is in place to extend energy efficient credits to renters, and others who don't own the property where they live.

You should also check your state income tax code for solar energy credits and deductions allowed on your state return.

Mandy asks…

Portable Power: Using Deep Cycle Battery, Inverter and Solar Panels?

Please tell me your expertise in your field if any with responding to this question.

Just got to thinking on this one. I've done several projects previously with deep cycle battery, 400 to 1000 watt inverter with a 12volt DC 70 watt solar panel for portable power.

If I were to put ten car batteries in a series to equal 120 volts and just add a regular old Home Depot outlet, I technically wouldn't even need an inverter, would I? Would I probably have almost unlimited wattage surge power equalling to the 10 batteries' max?

How about continuous wattage among the 10 batteries?

How would I go about regenerating all ten batteries, if I do not necessarily have 10 solar panels for each of the 10 batteries?

Some type of converter?

I appreciate your answers in advance.

ssadmin answers:

NO it won't work, the inverter is to convert DC into AC similar to household supply, The waveform tends to be squarish, wheras the house current has a proper sine wave. Household appliances ONLY work on AC
Don't experiment with high voltage DC from your batteries.

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