Your Questions About Solar Panels For Your Home

David asks…

ive been thinking about getting solar panels for my home. Is it a good idea i want to hear from you guys who?

have them on your home. my house is about 1700 square feet. About how much would it coast me to go completely solar? i have ac, water heater, couple of televisions,refrigerator and all that good stuff.

ssadmin answers:

We looked into that about 6 yrs ago when we built our home. The cost was astronomical. If I recall, something in the order of $90,000 for our 2200 sq ft ranch to go 80% off-the-grid.

I like the idea of ‘going green', but “green” often costs double, or even triple. You won't be “saving money” for at least 30+ years, and that's only if the costs of the panels remains stable. I would hope they would have declined by now, but they haven't moved much in the last 10 years.

I read a report in Scientific American about a year or so ago that suggested the cost to produce panels now is less then $500 per panel. So why the 1000+% markup? Answer: Because it's “green”.

William asks…

Is it possible to generate your own Solar or Wind power for your home or apartment?

I'm not looking forward to paying my electricity bill, especially because I almost always have my computer on doing something intensive. I know it's possible, but how difficult is it to get some solar panels or a small wind turbine and somehow use it to generate electricity?

ssadmin answers:

It's not really possible.
You really cannot put the stuff outside your window.
And there's some really expensive equipment that's needed to make 110ac out of the energy you do generate.
And, you do want that stuff so your computer works at night, when there's no wind.

However, get yourself a Kilowatt meter.
You'll find that your system does not use as much power as you think.

Put some insulation on your windows (clear plastic) and you'll likely save far more energy.

Edit: Free Magnetic Energy doesn't work. Consider, if it did, wouldn't the utilities be using it, instead of burning all that expensive coal and oil and natural gas. It doesn't work, no matter how much you pay for the plans.

Cold fusion doesn't work. Hydrogen fusion is being worked on in several locations, including:

Donna asks…

Would you pay for electricity if you had solar panels?

Im curious.
You had enough Solar Panels to power your home.
You payed the expenses of the solar panels.
Would the Electrical company still ask for money each month?

ssadmin answers:

Yes. At night or in cloudy conditions a computer will sense drop in available electric current and the Electrical company supply makes up for the shortfall.

The solar panels are coming down in price and eventually they will pay for themselves. Maintenance is low too. Also you have the good feeling and ability to crow about being a non-polluter.
The Electrical company will only ask money for what you use when it is cloudy or at night. Some use battery storage to get around or reduce this. If you have a surplus of electricity during a very sunny day for example, the electrical company will even buy the electricity back from you if you have this set up to do so.

Ruth asks…

why aren't solar panels for your house more affordable?

Home depot has solar panels but they are so expensive? were is the best place to get them?

ssadmin answers:

Technology needs to pay for itself, in other words people have put a lot of money into clean energy alternatives and they need to make that money back. Solar is becoming more affordable than it used to be, and its also more efficient than it was 30 years ago.

Our current energy sources are highly subsidized by the government. If you were to go to Canada or Europe, their energy prices are closer to the world market price, which means that they pay a lot more than we do for their energy.

You should check into tax credits you may be able to receive after you buy some kind of alternative energy source. For example, where I live (MT), if you put $5000 into solar panels, in about 2 years they will pay for themselves. This is because, number one, you save money on your electricity bill, and number two, tax credits, some states give pretty generous tax credits for clean energy alternatives. The catch for that is that you either have to put the money up front.

Some alternative energy companies are also starting to let you make payments (like rent to own sort of thing).

If you have a professional installer (someone who is certified), they are more likely to guarantee their work, so if there is some maintenance, then they would have to fix their mistakes or charge a nominal fee for routine maintenance.

You may want to check out

Good luck!

Sandra asks…

Do solar panels end up paying for themselves?

are solar panels for your home worth it? they seem really expensive. does it pay off? please include your source.

ssadmin answers:

Yes, per Forbes.

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