Your Questions About Solar Power

Betty asks…

please help me find stores that sell solar plates in the phils. what is the downside in using solar power?

how do you get the appliances connected to the solar power apparatus? does it have some kind of special switch or plug or anything….? i really don't have any idea. or do you have to buy an appliance specially made for solar power? if so can anybody recommend a brand or store that sells these?

ssadmin answers:

Catalog shopping is your best bet. Try American Scientific & Surplus, or perhaps Harbor Freight Tools, (at least that's what I use, this is not an endorsement). You will need a power inverter of the appropriate wattage to handle whatever it is you want to power. A deep cycle battery or two will also help. As for the downside, cloudy days don't help much, solar panels are kinda fragile, they don't charge at night (obviously), and so far they aren't quite cost effective. That said, this is how I power my travel trailer. You get used to it.

Laura asks…

How long does a solar power charger take to charge?

I bought a solar power charger for my ipod which is only small but i do not know how long i should leave it in the sun to charge the internal battery.

ssadmin answers:

That depends on the capacity of the charger which also depends on the brightness of the sun.
Time to charge also depenes on how low the ipod has gotten. Should have said an estimate in the directions for the charger (or in the manual on line before buying)

George asks…

How can i make a water fountain, without using solar power, or electricity?

I would like to make a small water fountain for my garden, but without it using any electricity, or solar power, i want to make one that works just by the power of water… if ya get what i mean

ssadmin answers:

Buy an actual fountain head & plumbing from flower garden center or such & plumb up to water supply with a shut off nearby. Adjust water supply for correct effect at fountain. You may need a water pressure reducer.

Nancy asks…

How widely used is solar power in the united states?

What percentage of people in the United States use a form of Solar Power?

ssadmin answers:


Robert asks…

How much does it cost to make a solar power/energy station?

I am doing an assignment and I need to know how much does it cost to make a solar power/energy station because the internet doesn't give me a lot of answers its all about homes not plants and stations.

So yeah if you can help me with my question thanks.

ssadmin answers:

You can research the Do-It-Yourself e-books out there and spend about $50/ each or you can go to this site.
Http:// The Florida Solar Energy Center can help answer your questions.
Do you have to build one or just figure cost?

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