Your Questions About Solar Power

Betty asks…

Can an ordinary household appliance be adapted to use solar DC power?

A person wants to buy my juicer, but has only solar power, says it's DC. I'm so out of my league here I don't even know what I need to know from him in order to find out the answer!

ssadmin answers:

2 different approaches:
1} he buys an inverter which converts DC to AC at mains voltage. He can use the solar cells to charge a battery and run the inverter off the battery. That way he can run any domestic power appliances off the inverter. [beware if he has a 300W inverter he can only use 300W worth of power at any one time.
This is the most convenient method.

2] He can supply DC direct to DC devices, but most devices have different voltages and those that plug into the mains usually need AC. Lots of messing around and you need to know what you are doing with this approach, but it is slightly more efficient.

Juicer will almost certainly need AC.

Linda asks…

Does anyone know anything about the solar power plants in the sahara desert?

I really wanted to know more about the Sahara Desert Solar power plants that they are putting over there to make electricity in Europe, so please anyone that knows about it please tell me.

ssadmin answers:

Take a look at this article about World’s Largest Solar Project Planned for Saharan Desert,

Carol asks…

how to solar power for my house and where to get eqipments in India?

I already have a battery powering by house in case of power outage. I want to connect that battery to solar power so that i can reduce the consuming of electricity and save environment. Where to get equipments and how much will it cost for me? I am from Salem, Tamil Nadu, India.

ssadmin answers:

If you have access to a computer, then you should be able to contact your local solar power store and order one. There may be aid groups, or goverment grants and offices who could get you one also.

Sandra asks…

Where would I look to find grants for switching to solar power for a non-profit private college?

I am looking to see if there is grant money available to help fund switching over to solar power for a small college. The college is religiously affiliated and not for profit. Are there programs out there? If so, where would I look to get started?

ssadmin answers:

You may want to look at several sources for grants:

1) State energy conservation office. May have some stimulus money
2) Utilities in your area
3) U.S. Department of Energy
4) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
5) U.S. Dept. Of Agriculture
6) U.S. Dept of Education
7) Public utility commission in your state. They may have some stimulus money.
8) Local government entities
9) The private sector – Large corporations like GE, Ford, GM, Siemens, Philips, etc.
10) State education agency

Jenny asks…

What makes a region suitable for solar power?

I live in the Persian Gulf region and I often hear that this region is suitable for solar power generation. What measures are critical to knowing whether a region is suitable for solar power? Is the UV index a good gauge? What about cloud cover and dust cover?

ssadmin answers:

Sun angle and cloud cover are key to solar power. The Persian Gulf is close to the equator so sun angle will be good. It's a dry area so cloud cover should be low which is good. You also have a low infestation level of environmentalist so there should be little objection to developing solar power.

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