Your Questions About Solar Power

Mark asks…

what would it take to run my well on solar power?

i just want water when the power goes out. where on the web can i go to get info on running just one small circuit on solar power?

ssadmin answers:

I went looking and found:

This would be a good place to start. It looks like you will need the solar panel(s) and a voltage inverter so that you will have the AC current to run your pump. Contact them (with the current requirements of your pump) and let them tell you what all you'll need and the pricing.

Joseph asks…

Can a house survive on solar power alone?

I have to come up with a proactive research question for school and i decided to do
“Can a house survive on solar power alone?” the solar power being generated from solar panels. I need help with the answer since I'm having trouble finding it on google.

ssadmin answers:

Absolutely yes. It's usually called “living off-grid”, meaning you are not connected to the electric company's electric grid. You need to make sure you are not wasting electricity, since you have to make everything you use, so you would need an energy efficient home.

Here's some solar kits for off-grid homes, . You can learn more about it at our Learn section, including free videos that explain the basics. Http://

Here's a whole bunch of information that may be helpful to you. Http://

Michael asks…

How much would a solar power plant cost?

How much would a solar power plant capable of producing 500 megawatts cost? Thanks!

ssadmin answers:

Found this reference:
Solar power plant under plan for Inner Mongolia
1,000 MW (megawatts) by 2020.
Total investment would be about 20 billion yuan (US$2.5 billion),

Using the example, 500MW would cost $1.25 billion.

Paul asks…

Is there a way to hook up a solar power panel to a small appliance?

i was wondering if i could take one of those cheap solar panals that you can power you car battery with, and somehow hook it up to a microwave, or coffee maker or something like that?

Is there any other easier way to do this.

The whole goal is to not use electricity.

ssadmin answers:

Sure you can use a solar panel and dump the output into a bank of 12V batteries as an example. However, you need an inverter which converts the 12DC into 120VAC so you can run your toaster. The cheaper/cheapest inverters give you a simple (bipolar) square wave. Using a switching transformer. Then there are the ones who have a stepped waveform (4 steps being the minimum with a distinct zero portion) and the very expensive ones deliver a sine wave. The latter is basically a DC amplifier with a 60Hz sine oscillator driving the power section. The sine wave can also be derived from a digitized signal with various numbers of steps.

EDIT: I assumed that anyone using an inverter knows that one can not power a 500W microwave with a 100W inverter.

Mary asks…

How possible would it be to to trap solar power convert it to electricity ,then run a drill to get water?

how possible is it to turn solar power into electricity to run a drill for water in the dessert where the sun shines 12 hrs a day.and in turn start a green house project for plants and crops so sustain life in a dry place where they lack water and food,resulting to food insecurity ,poverty and death.

ssadmin answers:

You can get solar powered pumps that pump water during the day when the sun shines. These are used a lot in remote areas. How deep of a well you have and how fast you pump the water determines what pump and how much solar you need. Http://

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