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Robert asks…

How to get solar power continuously and without any interrupt?

Gas prices are bound to increase , I think will never come below $4. Only solar power is the guaranteed clean,affordable ,low prices alternative option.Only problem is it is not available at all time, Can we build a system that can be placed above the clouds and supply us the solar energy on the ground continuously? Any thoughts?

ssadmin answers:

“Only solar power is the guaranteed clean,affordable ,low prices alternative option.”

Clean? How are they manufactured?
Affordable? Why don't we all have them?
Placed above the clouds? Hmmmm…..would this increase the cost? Does it get dark above the clouds at night?

Keep thinking!

Check your facts, Mr. 357. Listen to “Dark Side of the Moon” by Pink Floyd. Especially the very end.

Ruth asks…

How exactly do wind and solar power companies make their money?

I only invest in small-cap energy based companies like oil, gas, petroleum, and more recently, wind and solar power.

What I would like to know is how exactly do wind and solar power companies make their money? Please, I'd like to understand the industry a bit better. Thanks!

ssadmin answers:

Your question is fairly general. Perhaps you would like to read these introductory articles and then post more specific questions:


Donald asks…

How can I make my own solar panel and produce solar power electricity and green energy?

Solar Power Electricity will save you thousands of dollars while keeping the planet safe and pollution free. By building you own solar panels you will not just generate solar power electricity that saves you money, but you will feel a total sense of satisfaction.

ssadmin answers:

Here's some useful info about solar panels, hope it helps.


Ken asks…

Could Solar Power work more effectively if the solar rays were magnified?

If we focused the sun's energy like a magnifying glass does into the solar panels, would this generate more power at all?

ssadmin answers:

No, it would not. If the magnifying glass is the same area as the solar collectors, then it would be the same amount of energy the solar collectors would be gathering without the magnifying glass.

In a way it would be cheaper, using cheap mirrors to focus the sun's rays onto a smaller solar collector surface area. And solar collectors are far more expensive. But as to more power? No.

Sharon asks…

Solar panel and motor: Any way to regulate the power transmission?

I'm an engineering student and for an individual hobby-like project i purchased a small solar panel and a small solar motor. I am planning on making a small solar powered toy car. The question i have is: is there a way to connect a control or some other ways of regulating the power that is absorbed by the cells? Other wise the motor will just continue to run. Any answer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

ssadmin answers:

I assume it is a DC motor. You should have DC voltage coming out of the solar cell (For example 10V). You could use a transistor to switch the voltage on and off, then filter the output with an RC filter. You will have to choose the right RC time constant . It will have to be slower than the control pulse frequency, but faster than the desired motor response time.

If you switched the voltage with a 50% duty cycle, then filtered the output, you would get 5V, with a 75% duty cycle, you would get 7.5V, etc. Therefore, you could control the motor by controlling the duty cycle of the switching. A microcontroller like the BASIC Stamp can produce the control pulses.

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