Your Questions About Solar Power

James asks…

How does Solar Power effect the enviroment?

I mean, if i was to put a solar power plant in, say, Austraila, what effects would it have on the enviroment.

ssadmin answers:

Not much if on a roof , otherwise pretty much the land that it takes up , that carbon eating trees could be grown on, also you must keep in mind of all the things that go into the manufacture of the equipment. The making of plastics and processing of metal .energy for all this i.e.. The melting copper for making wiring then you have the work trucks that have to drive out and any environmental issues around the installation process , fuel, metal grinding dust, workmen pissing behind bushes lunch trash, and then the disposal of parts as they need replacement, I'm not 100% sure of how solar collection fields effect local wild life other the obvious displacement,, do the birds get blinded by glare while flying over head, do the worms get cold in the shade , grass may not grow underneath ,. And clearing of land and native plants may contribute to top soil erosion

Ken asks…

Solar power?

Hi I want to power a 5000 btu window airconditioner with a solar panel. I know very little about solar energy so i was wondering what size of a solar panel i would need . Would I need whats called an inverter or a power pack I have been looking at canadien tires solar panels. There cheapest is a 1.8 watt panel for $29.99. Thanx and i would like to spend as least mount of money as possible.
The ac is proably about 5 amps sice a 10,000 btu ac is 10 amps.
the ac would end up being approximately 600 watts
the ac is 120 volts
i am assuming I need some type of battery to store the power

ssadmin answers:

A 5000 BTU air conditioner, even a high efficiency one,
will draw about 750 W. Running.
Figure at least 50% duty cycle, and you need 375 W./Hr. To run your A.C. Unit for one hour.
The 1.8 W. Panel you're looking at will gather maybe 10 W. Hr.s on a good day, and you'll need batteries and an inverer to convert the stored 12V. DC output of the panel to the 120V. AC you need to run your air conditioner.
In short, it's not a practical project.

John asks…

Solar power??

I am keen to do my bit for climate change and have installed a solar panel. As i live in a very rough neibourhood i have found it too risky to put it outdoors so have put it in the loft where there are lots of windows but it never gets any sun. However it only produces power when i turn the light in the loft on??? Why??

ssadmin answers:

It needs to go outside, it needs direct sun rays.

Donna asks…

Solar Power?

how does use of solar power products affect ur life and how will it effect it in the future…btw i am doin an assignment of solar power and i need to know how solar power effects others thats why i'm askin you….

ssadmin answers:

It saves me money by not needing to buy batteries for my solar powered calculator.

Other than that, it does not affect my life.

Hopefully in the future, solar power panels will be much more readily available and more cost effective so average people can use it more in every day life such as heating their home or powering appliances.

Jenny asks…

Solar Power?!?

I was looking to install some solar panels on my roof as to power my room. Where would I go to get the information and knowlage as to how to do it? I want to do it myself Where do I buy these things from (ie. panels, capacitor…so on and so forth.)
Please let me know…..

ssadmin answers:

Just google solar panels, you'll get a bazillion hits.

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