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Daniel asks…

Solar Power?

What impact does solar power have on the environment?

ssadmin answers:

Solar power is not “free power” as most people believe. For starters, it takes a large amount of energy just to fabricate the cells in the first place. Eventually, over their lifetime, the cells collect enough energy to pay back the cost of making them.

Also, solar power requires a lot of space if you are to get any truly significant amount of energy from it. There is only about 1Kwatt of power / square meter available in sunlight at the surface of the Earth in lower latitudes.

The 48 contiguous US states consumed about 2.045 Gigawatts of power per day in 2005. If you had 100%-efficient solar cells, you would have to collect the sunlight of 2045 square kilometers. That is about 790 square miles. Today's most efficient production solar cells are about 30% efficient, so let's divide that by 0.3 –> 2630 square miles. Now let's say that we could get 8hrs of full capacity production from these pannels, that means multiply it by another 3 times –> 7900 square miles.

This would be a square 88.9 miles on a side of pure solar cell – a lot wider actually, considering the space required by the electrical circuitry between each cell…

I haven't read any studies about this, but I feel like if we were to set up such a behemoth, that there would be an invironmental impact. Consider that you're taking 746 gigawatts of power per year out of the ecosystem. That's energy that affects things like the weather, the water cycle, the mean global temperature, etc. I think this would probably be enough of a drain on the natural cycle of things that we'd be changing the climate in some way. By comparison, we emit a pretty small amount of volume of pollutants compared to the total volume of the atmosphere, and look what it does to the balance.

I'm a big believer in the need to find alternate energy sources. But the more I look at solar power, the less I see it as the replacement of current energy sources. It can be a very viable suppliment, but it is obviously not the answer to total replacement. Even if we had the magic 100% efficient cells and reduced the land area of the solar collector to just under 800 square miles, we'd still be directly leeching the nearly 800 gigawatts of energy from the environment each year, which I feel could be enough to harmfully tip the balance.

Remember, there's no free lunch in thermodynamics. It's got to come from somewhere, and solar pannels would be intercepting what would normally be going to the earth and taking it for human consumption.

Jenny asks…

Solar Power?

Hi, Well I have a family of four and month after month we notice that the power bill amount keeps getting higher but we are still using the same amount of power. So my question is: I was wondering if anyone knows a good solar-system company in Miami that sells solar-systems that I can use to power my aircondioting and house. But the most important thing is that I want it to power my airconditioning because I noticed that my airco's use alot of power.
And also it would help if the company exports the solar-system if you buy it.

ssadmin answers:

Here is a seller I found on the web.

Carol asks…

Solar power?

I want to set up solar power in my home. How would i be able to do that? Is there a guide somewhere that can help me set it up? Do you have any experience with it? I love the fact that i can actually do something to save the earth as an induvidual person.

ssadmin answers:

Great Idea!
Check these sites:

Steven asks…

Solar Power?

I have a sensor outside that we use 6 AA batteries to run (9 volts total). anyone know how I can convert it to solar power, and charge a battery to keep it going 24-7. I know little about electronics, but not when it comes to solar, and trying to charge, and use power at same time.
THIS UNIT NEEDS TO SAY ON 24/7 !!!!!!!!!! (even at night)

ssadmin answers:

I see that sort of device used all the time by my State's Department of Transportation. They use it to power the flashing lights for “slippery when wet” signs and to power radar guns to show your current speed. It might be worth it to give your DOT a call and talk to one of their engineers for a fw minutes. Also I have several small solar lights in my front yard. Your application would be very similar to both of these examples.

I'm sure a quick internet search would also result in several applications. For example, the solar yard lights:

Lizzie asks…

solar power???????????????????

What is solar energy?
What is it used for?
How it is obtained? And in what form?
What is the price of solar power?
How solar power works,
Different types of solar panels

hmm i have to find out a lot about solar energy.

thanks 🙂

ssadmin answers:

Solar energy is the light, visible and invisible, that is emitted from the sun.

Solar power is the electricity that is created from solar energy in man made devices.

The solar energy can be used to directly create electricity in solar cells. It can also be used to heat a material that is then used to heat water and power a generator. These are the two most common ways of creating solar power from solar energy.

The price of the solar power will depend on how it is created.

Solar power is electricity and can be used anyway that other electricity can be used.

New types of solar panels are being developed at a rapid rate in the modern world. I would suggest a search on line for the latest available and the newest research results.

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