Your Questions About Solar Power

William asks…

Solar power?

what are the advantages and disadvantages of solar power?

ssadmin answers:

Advantages are very clean and renewable

disadvantages are take up lots of space and no great amounts of energy collected

John asks…

solar power?

anyone know aproximately how much it would cost to get enough solar power installed on a 1200 sq ft home?

ssadmin answers:

About $20,000 to power the entire house for 30 years.
Look into tax credits etc. And it might become cost effective.

Wait a few years and the cost will be coming down.

Paul asks…

Solar Power?

What impact does solar power have on the environment?

ssadmin answers:

I only know for solid silicium cells since I worked in the field. For thin layers, don´t ask me. So here´s the deal:

– use of a high quantity of energy to produce pure silicium (99,9999%) in the form of a monocristallin bloc (evtl polycristallin)
– use of mechanical energy to removed the impurities on the outside of the bloc (turn the bloc)
– use of mechanical energy to create the “flat”
– use of silicium carbides (neutral to the nature but energy intensive to produce) in the cutting slurry
– enrgy use in the cutting process+oil as a slurry basis
– energy during transportation
– energy and chemicals during the dotation (for the polarities)

– energy used to produce the glass top layer

use of fluor gases to “etch and clean” the cell surface… Those gases have a 10000 to 40000 greenhouse effect compared to CO2… Luckily, they are now destroyed or recycled.

Donna asks…

solar power?

What are the strengths weaknesses of solar power? How soon could it be widely used? How would its cost compare to present energy costs?
how environmentall friendly is it?

Please include sources (:

ssadmin answers:

Something that is not well appreciated is that the energy used in producing the cell is for most cell technology greater than the energy will ever produce during their service lifetime. Solar cells should be viewed as a means of facilitation remote power generation. It is not a solution to overall energy needs.

Addendum. The energy required to run furnaces to grow the crystals as just one energy input is enormous. Math, ya… I'm an engineer.

Mandy asks…

Solar power?

What are the main components required to make a solar panel?
What would be the best battery to use to store the power captured?

ssadmin answers:

Do a lot of studying before you put any faith in our answers. Look for “solar panel” in the green search box above, and on the Internet. If you are off the grid, or are on the grid, not able to get net metering, and want power for the home, you will need solar panels, an inverter and batteries. If you are on the grid and have access to net metering, you probably will not need batteries.

You need to determine how much power you want to generate, and can afford. Then you will know enough to ask questions we can answer.

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Solar Panel

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