Your Questions About Solar Power

Ruth asks…

is solar power only effective during the day?

im not sure if solar power is only used when it is daytime with the sun, or if it is also effective while the moon is out? help please.

ssadmin answers:

Hi Carrie, solar panels can only generate electricity from sunlight. However, the energy is stored in batteries for use any other time.

Mandy asks…

Solar power??

I have read about a new type of solar panel/material that is made up of five different metals (can't remember which ones) that are produced more inexpensively than silicon cells. Possible applications were in roof shingles, panels, they were even working on putting it into paint and window glazings. ANybody know about this material, its applications, and how efficient this material is compared to silicon cells, both in terms of cost and electrical production?

ssadmin answers:

What your looking for is called thin film solar. Go to the Internet with that phrase. Lots of info there.

You may find the manufacturers hard to talk to. I got the impression they are just cranking up for production, and not ready to give out too much information.

Maria asks…

solar power?

does anyone live in places like arizona, texas, california.
and installed solar panels?
how much did it cost?
how much electricity does it produce?
for example, arizona has around 350 days of sun. something like that. is there enough electricity produced to AC your home?


ssadmin answers:

I live in Calgary. There are solar powered communities near here, that actually send power back to the grid on most sunny days, even in the middle of winter. You would need a large solar collector to collect enough for your home, though costing about $25,000 just for the panels. I think the houses in those communities are costing about $100,000 more than in surrounding communities.

Steven asks…

How does solar energy create power for us to use?

I mean, how does solar power create electricity and heating? This is for a grade, so I'd appreciate it if you were positive. Please record the websitre or book you used. THANKS!

ssadmin answers:

The sun is a big nuclear reactor, it basically fuses hydrogen atoms into helium atoms. This fusion releases a lot of energy in the form of radiation.

When radiation reaches earth, it can be used for many pruposes. Heating is easy, because the solar radiation carries a lot of heat, it can be used to heat water without much technology. But if you want to transform solar radiation into electricity, you need more advanced technology, such as photovoltaic cells, which basically use semiconductors to generate electricity out of sunlight.

In theory, you can generate over 1,000 watts per square meter of sunlight (under ideal weather conditions, and near the equator), which is a lot of energy. But photovoltaic technology is a bit expensive, so it hasn't been adopted by a lot of people. There are some solar thermal power plants, that provide electricity for a lot of people by using a heat engine to transform heat into mechanical work, and then transform mechanical work into electricity.

Jenny asks…

Solar power .?

Can a 5w 12v Trickle Solar Panel charge a deep cycle marine battery?
And if yes how long would it take to come from nothing to be fully charged?

ssadmin answers:

First, marine batteries are not deep cycle batteries. They are extra heavy duty-heavy duty car batteries. Probably designed for marine use in marine vehicles in place of land vehicles.

Second, a 5w panel will take a very long time ,you might want to expand your solar panel array. You're probably looking at a day or two in charge time.

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