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Thomas asks…

solar power?

If a solar semiconductor was closer to the sun the earths surface(say, at venus' surface), would it generate more electricity?

ssadmin answers:


Solar energy received by solar semiconductor is inversely proportional to square of distance of conductor from the sun.

As Venus is closer to the sun as compared to earth,the semiconductor will receive more solar energy on Venus surface and will generate more electricity on Venus surface

Sandy asks…

I want to power my new home I am building on solar power alone what will the cost be roughly?

I also want to stay off the electric grid . It would cost an additional ten thousand dollars to be hooked into it and I want to be independant from utilities. Would solar panels and batteries power lights and T.V , computer , washer dryer ect.

ssadmin answers:

I doubt this is realistically possible- the battery storage required would be tremendous. This is why net-metering is available in most parts of the country. You want to be connected to the grid but able to generate your own power.

Just size your panels appropriately and look for other design ideas to minimize your electricity demand;

geothermal HVAC

John asks…

How does solar power help the environment?

I need to know brielfy how solar power helps the environment for an english essay. So if someone could help me that would be great! Thanks. 🙂

ssadmin answers:

The way that solar power helps the environment is that it uses no fossil fuels (which is a nonrenewable resource) to make energy, which would release carbon dioxide. Instead, it uses the biggest and biggest renewable resource on the planet, the sun! There is no emissions with solar energy, except heat, if that even counts as emissions

Maria asks…

Solar Power………..?

What controllers and all that stuff do I need for these solar panels.

Please list all the circuitry and batteries and every thing. Oh and the the batteries will be rigged up to a big electric motor so please leave information on how to wire the batteries to the motor…
I need about 150 volts worth of these solar panels by the way

ssadmin answers:

Solar panels, like batteries, can be wired in a series or in parallel. In parallel they increase the potential amperage while the voltage remains the same. In series the final voltage is increased. Http://

Here is a worthwhile place to start:
a number of projects for comparison:
wiring diagrams:

From this and other questions it seems as if you are planning a mobile photovoltaic array. This has an additional problem. Present photovoltaic systems are from 8 to 22% efficient. When placed on a house they are carefully placed to gather the maximum amount of sunlight. To gather even more sunlight they could be placed on a tracking mechanism but the efficiency of photovoltaic panels is so poor that the expense of the tracking mechanism is not considered worthwhile.

But a photovoltaic array on a mobile vehicle will almost always be aimed wrong. This substantially reduces its efficiency. Additionally the amount of energy that could be gathered would be insufficient to power a heavy vehicle on the sun's energy alone. Solar racing cars are extremely aerodynamic and very light.

Paul asks…

How much is the 1MW Solar Power Inverter?

Our company is planning to put up a !MW solar power capacity.

ssadmin answers:

There are many commercial inverter manufacturers around the world, you have a well stocked supplier right there in India in fact: With shipping being a big cost factor, a local vendor is going to be best.

If their inventory is not adequate, they likely can order from one of their vendors with ease. Only they can give you specific costs in your part of the world right now.

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