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Donna asks…

We were thinking about switching to solar power for heat? How much and where to start?

We have forced oil which is not allowed by our loan we received on our new house which is 200 years old. The house is currently 1,300 square feet. Instead of switching to gas, we were interested in solar power. How to I begin the research on this and where to buy?
Also how $$ is doing something like this? We don't know anyone with solar power so any comments or suggestions would be great.
IN NJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ssadmin answers:

Ok this is a very large question for which there isn't enough room here for me to correctly give you the full out answer to it, so instead here's a website that will most certainly help you out with this and many other question that you may have.

Laura asks…

What can be done to reduce the brain drain on Solar Power?

I was amazed to find out that business people and academics in the field of solar power are leaving Australia to go to places like the US where they receive proper funding and backing.. Given the bountiful sunshine and enterprizing Australian spirit, why has this situation come about and why is it still being put up with?

ssadmin answers:

Yes, the University of New South Wales is the leading institution in the world on solar energy research. The present academic and research funding system in Australia makes it quite difficult to receive adequate funding. It is also worth pointing out that the current government has very strong ties to mining and oil interests that are not keen on seeing solar power developed.

The US is a much bigger market for those who do research. And at least under the Clinton administration, there was a government project to see a million homes powered by solar energy by 2010 (since killed by the Bush administration). California is also putting laws into effect that will require public buildings (at the state and local level) to be green–which includes solar energy for power.

So the question is, why shouldn't these Aussies go to the States? What are the incentives for keeping them in their home country?


Mandy asks…

Can you store solar power in water as potential energy?

If you have solar panels powering your house during the day with the left over power (from that day) being used to pump water to a tank on top of a hill {then at night if you release the water down a pipe through a water turbine}; Will the energy produced from the released water be enough electricity to power your house during the night? Would this work or is it better to buy batteries to store electricity? If possible leave a link to buy a water turbine. And if possible how much electricity would be produced?

ssadmin answers:

Yes, the answers to all your questions is yes. Even the question about if the turbine will provide enough all night to run your house is true as long as enough water is pumped up in the daytime.
I would search the web for these parts. On the other hand a battery is much lower cost and easier to manage than a hydro power storage system. I have read about a huge system using this principal on wikipedia.
An virtually unlimited power “storage” system that anyone can use is connecting a solar or wind source to the power grid. When more power is collected than is used the surplus is sold to the power company. This is done by using a grid tied inverter. One example is through
If less power is used than is produced then you should get a check from the power company.

Donald asks…

Solar power good for mix of options for Bridgeport CT?

Looking now into the issue of expansion of local power plant – A power company wanting to expand here in CT tells me that they do have a “solar powered station in Arlington, Arizona. The intensity of the sun in the Southwest allows solar energy to be a substantial part of an energy portfolio. Connecticut, with its more temperate climate, is less suited to solar energy,” but I want to find out if solar can become part of our urban skyline. Hope someone can refer me to someone who can help me in this search.
Perhaps some university, or a geek in a garage somewhere, will introduce something new? How long did it take for the “scientists” to accept the element Oxygen…

ssadmin answers:

Well, try doing a standard yahoo search for solar power pushing energy companies in the southwest, and contact them.

Helen asks…

What is the CO2 emission of a geothermal heat pump with solar power?

Hi I was wondering what the CO2 emission of a geothermal heat pump would be using solar power.

ssadmin answers:

Assuming you do not count the CO2 emissions that are emitted during the design, fabrication, transport and installation of the system then the CO2 emissions will be zero since there is no carbon being oxidized in the actual operation of the the system you describe.

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