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Paul asks…

How to prevent solar power lights from getting stolen?

Although they haven't been stolen YET, I expect my solar power lights to get stolen sooner or later. I was wondering if you know a good way to prevent them from getting stolen (other than moving them somewhere else or not putting them out at all)?. Oh, and i would not like to make a cement foundation for them or buy different ones -lol. Any help will be greatly appreciated 🙂
oh, and please make the answers reasonable, don't be crazy.

ssadmin answers:

Drill a hole through the base of each one, just below ground level, and string a plastic-jacketed steel cable through them all; then bury the cable in a shallow trench between the lights.

Linda asks…

How do you transport solar power tower energy to a building that is 4 kms away?

And is an area of 1 km^2 for a solar power tower enough to produce energy for five houses? can you make an approximation of how much it could supply?

ssadmin answers:

If you want the heat energy, consider tracking mirrors at the site and solar collectors on the houses. If you want electric energy, that area is enough to support a traditional steam turbine, much more cost-effective than photovoltaic. That area is about 15 times the area that Solar One used to generate 10 megawatts in the Mohave Desert, so it could supply a theoretical maximum of 150 megawatts during peak sunshine. That's probably enough to match the demand of about 25,000 homes. Best bet would be to feed it to the electric power grid.

Mark asks…

How can I power a couple small appliances using solar power?

What would I need to power a small fan, some LED lights, ect in my home, without spending hundreds or thousands of dollers? How would I set it up? I think I would need a Solar Panel, a AC/DC converter or some kind, and a Battery?

Any Help! Thanks!

ssadmin answers:

Look up solar solar power supplies, battery charger and solar charger on the Internet.Lots of good information there.

You will need to know how much current you will be drawing, the number of hours you will be using power, the rating of the power supply and the insolation ( this is spelled correctly) from insolation tables on the Internet.

Betty asks…

How Can I Use Solar Power in My House?

As far as I know that it's more economic to use solar power at home. What are the ways that solar power can help me with? How can i do it? How much will the devices needed cost?

ssadmin answers:

Install solar power panels its that easy !
This will heat your water, For energy you can install a wind generator but be warned this might anger neighbours who might not appreciate the noise of the fan rotating in the wind.

Helen asks…

How effective is solar power?

I am very concerned about global warming, and when I grow up (I'm only fourteen) I plan on using solar power to power my home (and I hope that when I grow up it's customary). How efficient is solar power? How many square feet would it take to power a 2,000 square foot home? How much would it cost?

ssadmin answers:

Comment to “Ed” added…

There are two main types of solar power. One produces electricity, the other produces heat.
The electrical type are called “photovoltaics”, the heat type are “thermal”.
Photovoltaics are not presently very efficient, converting less than 15% of the suns energy to electricity, but by the time you build, they should be better, and cheaper. Thermal solar is much more efficient, especially if you use it to heat your water, because the system runs all year. Home heating is not as good, because winter is not a good time to collect solar. When you design your house, you can take advantage of “passive” solar, which is basically putting a lot of good windows on the south side (or north side if you are south of the equator!) and letting the winter sun shine in. These windows need to be very good, or have an insulator to cover them at night and cloudy days or they will gain energy all day, only to lose all of it at night.

As far as your house goes, it's not so much a matter of how big it is, as how well insulated it is. If you “super insulate” it, you will need very very little heating or cooling energy.
The other cost you will have is for things like computers, refrigerators, TVs, sound systems, lights, fans, cooking equipment and water heating. By picking the most efficient, you can reduce the size of the photovoltaic system you would need, and using solar water heating will handle 50% of the yearly amount with present technology for about $3500. A photovoltaic system to handle all your electrical needs would be quite expensive now, in the $10,000 to $20,000 range, but that cost will continue to fall, and by the time you build it should be closer to $5000.

Hey Ed….I don't know when you bought your system, or what other costs were associated with it…but 6KW systems don't cost 40K anymore…this from Solar Today “A 25-year warranty accompanies the Sharp panels. In 2003, we paid $18,000, which included the eight batteries, two inverters, hardware, 6,000 watts of solar panels and labor.”….and King solar sells a “whole house” package for $11,000… But they don't say how big it is. The average home in California uses about 7000 KW per month…so to get that much is going to be more expensive. Our young friend here is thinking ahead. If a house is located right and designed well, then the most efficient appliances and lighting is selected, it would be easy to live well on half that 7000KW.

Good luck, and good thinking!

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