Your Questions About Solar Power

Ruth asks…

can i connect a solar panel 12v direct to a 12 v power inverter?

im trying to generate solar power.

ssadmin answers:

You could but I wouldn't. You will be better off to use the panels to charge batteries to power the inverter. This way you won't have power fluctuations and will have a reserve for night and overcast days.

Charles asks…

Why aren't there more interests in solar power and getting rid of oil dependence?

Why not use more solar power?

ssadmin answers:

Can you smell the money? Look at our government for the answer to that. Contact your state reps and senators and put a little pressure on them. It won't help, but you will feel better for trying.

Jenny asks…

can you connect a electric lamp to a solar power panel?

i have a outdoor lamp i want to turn into solar power.

ssadmin answers:

As long as the panel produces the voltage and current the lamp needs, yes.
If not, you will need a converter or inverter.
And most people hook the panel to a battery and the lamp to the battery. It evens out the bright sun days and cloudy days, and a lamp that only works when the sun is out, is not much good.

Maria asks…

Garden Pond Question – Is there a way to solar power my filter?

I see there are solar pumps. Is that what's used to power the filter? I don't have my pond yet and I'm new to this so that's why I'm asking.

ssadmin answers:

I don't know of any need for a powered filter… Usually, as far as I know, the pump pushes the water thru the filter… So if it's strong enuff, the water moves thru ….. A bio-filter is the usual way for solar pumps…. Here's a site with ‘stuff'…


as you look all this over, you may find that the cost of the equipment makes having electrical hookups relevant…. And a whole lot simpler…..

Nancy asks…

How much does wind power and solar power cost?

In Australia how much would it cost to have a farm of wind power and solar power. If possible pls tell the cost of each thing individually. Also a sources where the information is found

ssadmin answers:

I know the cost of solar pannel .Each watt cost you only 4 U.S $. No maintenance cost.Life of Solar panel is more than 20 years.

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