Your Questions About Solar Power

James asks…

What are some bad and some good things about Solar Power Energy?

For my science project
I need a list of good things about solar power engery and a list of bad things.
Full best answer given out!

ssadmin answers:

There are various ways to convert the energy of the sun but I will address only solar cells.

Good things:
–No CO2 emissions or other chemicals
–Once the installation is built, it is “free”
–It generates electricity which is a flexible form of energy but …

Bad things:
— The installation must be in a sunny place
— No energy at night
— Under the solar panels, nothing grows and the space cannot be used for something else.
— Difficult to store the energy in large quantities
(example you store In July, August and you use the energy in December)

Future developments and research:
— very efficient solar panels ( currently at beat 20%)
— very efficient batteries

Ruth asks…

How can we use solar energy / Solar power for household purpose.?

I am constucting a new house. I want to reduce the power consumption from gas or electricity. So, looking farward for new ideas where the solar pannels can be fitted how can it be converted to safe household consumable power.

ssadmin answers:

The use of solar panels are the only viable method as they can be used to heat water. Water heating in a house is a very costly exercise by electricity at nearly 20pence for a KWHour.
Even if they are only effective for only 8 months in a year there is a saving.
The cost of installing them is quite high so if you are only thinking of economics the pay back time is many years. If you are looking to cut down on green house gases then this is a good first step.
The next thing to consider is to put a good thick layer of insulation in your loft and have cavity fill insulation in the external walls of your house.
Double glazing will cut down on heat losses and therefore reduce your fuel bills.
Make sure that your hot water cylinder is well lagged.
Turn the heating thermostat(s) down a little and you will not notice the difference. The fuel consumption will go down though.
I have done all this and in my 3 bedroom house, cooking by electricity and gas central heating my total fuel bill is £550.00 per year

Sandra asks…

Does anyone know where to find TRUE grants for individuals who want to change their home to solar power?

I have been looking for grants for individuals who want to change their home to solar power; however, I am finding loans in the name of grants or disguised as grants.

I am looking for legit grants.

ssadmin answers:

Most states have some sort of grant program since I do not know where you are from, go to they have a listing of grants by state. I am from Wisconsin and the Focus on energy program will pay up to 25% of the cost but you need to follow their rules to get the money. I got a large grant twards the cost of my wind turbine.

Mandy asks…

What are advantages of solar power harvesting over wind?

What are the advantages of solar power harvesting over wind?

Im putting together a project, mostly on a future perspective from an investment point of view, but I would welcome any information or ideas you have about solar technologies benefits vs Wind harvesting technologies

ssadmin answers:

Both solar and wind store the electricity in batteries, or send it straight into the power grid, and wind works up to 24hrs

Today, these two technologies are not in competition with each other, it's all in where you place them.

At the moment, solar energy is very poor, between 4 and 22% of actual sunlight hitting the solar panel is converted to electricity. Investing in solar research, converting actual sunlight into a higher percentage, will eventually make wind only productive in very high wind areas and low sunlight hours (NS poles).
Also, space. The further one goes out, the less sunlight, but there are certain types of winds. Perhaps not those that turn blades, but it's a wind that solar can not capture, only development in wind technologies.
Jupiter. If you could lower a wind turbine down to windy planets, well again I say there is a place for both technologies. If this is a project on future investments, how far into the future, is it only on earth?
Here on earth solar may end up the dominant, but in space?
So if you invest NOW, invest in solar, wind – you probably wont see a return on your money, your grandkids might!!

Joseph asks…

How can I use solar power to run a motor?

I am interested in making a small go-kart thing, and I want to make it electric. How can I use solar power to run the motor, but also control it? I'm thinking it would charge a battery, and then use the battery to run the motor, but it is very confusing to me and I cannot seem to find any answers online. What kind of electronics would i need for this (i.e motor size, solar panel wattage etc.) Thanks

ssadmin answers:

Convert it to electricity, store/level in a battery then run it through an electric motor.

Size depends on size of motor.

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