Your Questions About Solar Power

Daniel asks…

Can mirrors be used to concentrate solar power?

As in,aim beams of light at a solar panel or does it lose what it needs through the transition to supply power?
Holy shit I thought I was way out of line lol thanks!

ssadmin answers:

Yes you can concentrate the sun light on to a solar panel, but as they have said the heat build up is some thing you must determine how to dissipate. The more you concentrate the solar energy the more heat must be handled.

We are building a Solar Power Concentrator and you can see our progress at our blog.

Lizzie asks…

What are some good cheap solar power refridgerater,ovens and microwaves?

I'm mainly looking for a solar power refridgerater,i found one online but it looks too small and doesnt come with a freezer!
I live somewhere where the electricity men always take my electricity out for 2 hours and all my food goes bad,you would think I could get money from my insurance for my food going bad but no way!

would it just be cheaper to get that back up power supply thing or could I save money with one of these?

ssadmin answers:

It would be far cheaper just to have a backup generator that kicks on and powers things when your line voltage is out.

James asks…

How to make a solar power source for home use ?

How to make a solar power unit for home use ?

ssadmin answers:

Many companies in Canada already use this technology. One way is to modify your roof to a giant solar panel. They charge batteries stored in the backyard. Interesting stuff.

Chris asks…

Is Solar Power the best option to stop Global Warming?

What are the Positives of using Solar Power?
What are the Negatives if using Solar Power?
That is the question.

ssadmin answers:

Solar power is the best long term concept to reduce global warming/CO2 emissions. Ultimately all renewable energy (minus geothermal) comes from the sun's energy. Following nature's concepts of sustainability is one of the keys to having a sustainable energy system. Wind power is a good idea and necessary, but it will not be enough, because it has too large of a footprint to be our energy staple.

Linda asks…

Is a heat lamp considered as solar power?

I'm using a heat lamp for my project on solar energy. Is it considered as solar power?

ssadmin answers:

Solar power uses only heat from the sun. If the heat lamp needs to be in the sun, or has a solar panel battery pack which you put in the sun, then it is solar powered. However if, like most heat lamps, you just plug it into a electric socket, then it's running on mains electricity not solar energy.

Think you need to do a bit more thinking on this one.

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