Your Questions About Solar Power

Paul asks…

How does solar power affect the environment?

Do the solar power plants affect the environment?
If so, how?
Oh, and a source wouldn't hurt

ssadmin answers:

Solar cell has a limit of life about under 5 years. It becomes weaker and weaker as aging. They cannot be repaired or restored. If all the roofs and walls have this device installed in every house. Every 5 years interval requires to replace with a new set of cells. It ends up a lot of GLASS PENAL for scrap.
Besides,solar power needs storage acid LEAD cell or Ni-CAD cell. These storage cell also has a shelf life of 5 years. You could imagine how many scrap cells put away from every home every 5 years ??
Lead and Cad both are poison metal.

Maria asks…

How many of you use solar power for your houses?

I hear a lot of complaining about the oil companies and power companies “ripping” you off. The option is there. Do you utilize it? If not, why not? Or is it so much easier to complain then to do something? I know a lot about solar, so no BS please.

ssadmin answers:

My dad bought this for our home… If you would like to do this be aware that you need to wait at least 7 months because the silicone that is used in the panels is hard to manufacture. The benefits and tax deductions can save you thousands of dollars. You can sell the unused power back to PG&E so your bill can be zero. Get a company that is based in your area. We went through Home Depot. It also adds great equity to your home.

Chris asks…

Can someone tell me what solar power use for?

I have a homework about solar power use for but I can`t find the link.

ssadmin answers:

Solar power is the technology of obtaining usable energy from the sun. Solar energy is currently used in: Heat (hot water, building heat) and Electricity generation

Sandy asks…

Does carbon dioxide relate to solar power in any way?

I really need to know if carbon dioxide relates to solar power. I need this for an assignment. And if it does then how? Please don't give me something like “I don't know”!

ssadmin answers:

Many people today are worried about our lifestyle releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and this CO2 then causing global warming.

If this is true (that is a debatable topic) then using solar panels to create power will reduce the amount of CO2 released.

Therefore solar power is related to the amount of CO2

I hope that helps.

Laura asks…

Has anyone received a grant for solar power?

I would like to purchase a piece of property in Ohio for the sole purpose of studying solar power. Has anyone ever recevied a grant for doing this type of research and do you know where I can go to apply?

ssadmin answers:

The best place to find out about government loans is at the website below, great place for all sorts of grants.

If you do end up studying it, we would love to get some articles out of you if you would like.

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