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Ken asks…

I want to solar power a 4×8 sign. What do I need to do?

I have a sign that has no electric close to it. I want to light it with solar power. I have been told it could be cheap, or it could be expensive. Could someone tell me what I need to get or is there a company that makes (and installs) a system in North Florida that would work to run the electric for 6-12 hours. Any help would be appreciated.

ssadmin answers:

One solar panel, that will put out 45 watts [d/c] will run you around $359.00
if you have 110 volt bulbs you will have to have a inverter, and a storage battery,
the cost will be out of sight,

Donna asks…

Info on solar power for someone with little knowledge?

I want to start using solar energy on a small scale and eventually start doing bigger and better things with it. The first thing I have in mind is getting solar energy to power two small fish tanks I have. I am just curious if anyone can point me in the right direction because I don't even know where to begin. I am sure I can find the products I will need but I don't know what I will need and how complicated the setup will be. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

ssadmin answers:

Alexandra is almost right. You would have to get DC powered lights and pumps, and it would only run when the sun is shining brightly. Solar panels do not produce AC power directly. If you really want to do it, you will need:

1. Find out how much power your pump(s), heater, and lights draw. You must know this to size your system. You must have enough solar collection, enough battery power, and the correct size charge controller and inverter.

2. Buy everything you need (Probably about $500 or more)
3. Pay another $200 bucks or so to get it installed.
4. Enjoy, it may pay for itself in 20 years.

If you are serious about paying a lot more for your power to help the environment, You would probably be much better off to just talk to your power company about installing the smallest system you can in your house that would allow you to sell power to the grid. That way you don't need batteries. The power you generate would just be a negative (credit) on your bill. It wouldn't be specifically for the tanks, but would save the energy anyway.

Good Question. Most people don't know what it takes to use Solar and how expensive it is. I do. It is a great and wonderful thing, but not as easy as most would think.

Michael asks…

How to build a quick and easy solar power experiment/display/model/etc.?

Does anyone know of an easy solar power experiment i could do. I need it for a chemistry presentation in a couple of days. It can be anything that involves solar power

Also, it doesn't have to be an experiment, it can be a model, or something used to stimulate a process, etc

ssadmin answers:

If it is for chemistry, you could use the power from a photovoltaic cell to electrolyse water and capture the hydrogen.

Sandy asks…

Should solar power be the dominant energy-source of the 21st century?

Hasn't solar power technically been the dominant energy-source of all the other centuries?

ssadmin answers:

No, Let's rely on the middle east oil, Thank God US is dealing with a terrorist country like Saudi Arabia!

Ruth asks…

Will the use of solar power lead go global warming?

Because you're drawing power from the sun and using it to generate power, but not releasing the energy back into space. Would the Earth gradually warm up because of this, if solar power becomes a main source of power?

ssadmin answers:

Solar panels are dark and absorb sunlight. Eventually this is turned into heat (when the electricity they generate is used… It all ends up as heat). This makes the Earth heat up, and hotter things emit more light, so they lose their heat more quickly.

The Earth already absorbs about 70% of the light from the Sun (although different things absorb different amounts. Ice and snow reflect a lot, asphalt and ocean absorbs a lot, 70% is an average).

Solar panels tend to absorb 90%+ of the light hitting them. So by adding solar panels you're increasing the amount of light absorbed by 20%, and you can calculate what this is in terms of power flow. This will lead to an increase in warming.

However, solar panels also produce electricity, and by doing so they stop you burning fossil fuels which release CO2. The CO2 sticks around for a hundred years+ and that prevents heat escaping, and you can calculate this in terms of a power flow as well. By reducing CO2, you're preventing an increase in warming.

I calculated what this was a while ago and I found the CO2 savings effect was much larger than the change in albedo (reflectivity) effect in most cases, and larger in all (even if you put them on ice), so long as you measure over a decent time period.

If you want to see the calculations, email me and I can send them to you!

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