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Thomas asks…

How does solar power help the environment?

I'm doing a school project and really need some help on this topic.

How does solar power help the environment?

What do solar panels do for your house?

What type of tradesman installs solar panels?

ssadmin answers:

Most electricity today is created by burning coal or natural gas. This burning causes global warming and pollution. And huge complexes of wires criss cross our country.

If every home had solar power, we'd need fewer electrical generation plants. Thus less pollution and fewer wires carrying the power. Imagine a solar power panel on every house's roof. Each home might be able to generate electricity and hot water for their own needs. This avoids pollution, global warming, carbon dioxide emissions, etc.

Solar panels would probably involve plumbers, carpenters and electricians. Are these the kind of panels that have water in them? If so, plumbers would be needed…

Nancy asks…

Is it possible to just tie an apartment solar power array to the electrical grid without a battery?

I would like to set up a solar power array in my apartment, but I'd like to just bypass a storage battery. If I set up a solar power array and hook it up to an inverter that will then tie into a power socket into the grid itself, do I need a battery? I just want to save money on my electricity bill and not have a standby in case of a power failure.

ssadmin answers:

Grid-tied solar system are the most common type in the USA these days. They do not require batteries. However, the inverter has to connect to the grid through the breaker panel, which may not be accessible from your apartment. You would need to coordinate with your landlord, which might be tricky at best. If they will allow it, you can look at some grid-tied systems here,

The best way to save money on electricity is to use less. I know, pretty obvious, but it is cheaper to save electricity than to make it. Change out all of you light bulbs from incandescent to CFL, look for phantom loads that stay on when you turn the device off, like TVs, stereos, PCs, and connect them to a power strip that you can turn completely off at night.

Paul asks…

What kind of solar power incentives are offered in Arizona?

I am looking into solar power and land prices are cheap in AZ. Does anyone know what kind of Federal or State incentives are offered for Solar power?

ssadmin answers:

I'm in arizona and i'll just give you the buzz from the citizens. We have solar energy out here, I've just been told that it is a bit expensive out here to have installed if you aren't doing it yourlself, but in all reality it works. Depending on where you are moving in the beautiful desert state, we have LOTS of wing, and PLENTY of Sun. I live in lake havasu, our entire town is surrounded by mountains which causes wind constantly and the heat here in summers is 120 + f. No exaggeration. I would definitely say go for it.

Mary asks…

How much does solar power cost in australia ?

I am considering getting solar power for my house. Does anybody have an appox idea how much it would cost to fit my house with this. We just have a typical 3 bedroom house. I have also heard that if your solar panels produce more energy than what you use, it will go back into the power grid, and the energy company will pay you. Is this right? If so any ideas on how much you get back?Thanks

ssadmin answers:

The amount you get back (and yes if you put power back into the grid they will pay you) depends exactly how much you put back, either way, the power company will be paying you and some money is better than no money.

Solar modules come in two distinct categories – crystalline silicon and amorphous silicon thin film. Both amorphous and crystalline technologies are commonly used in efficient grid connected and stand alone installations.

Mono and poly crystalline modules usually have 36 solar cells in a 9 x 4 matrix connected in series to provide an output voltage suitable for battery charging. A typical module will provide a peak power output voltage of 17V and output current of 4.7A under optimum conditions, giving a rating of 80 Watts peak (Wp). Modules can be connected in series or parallel to form an array to provide higher voltage and current outputs as required.

Crystalline solar modules are covered with tempered glass on top and a tough ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) material at
the back. The glass and backing material protect the solar cells from moisture.

The best way to find out is contacting environmental groups or even the power company themselves. Costs vary, and so this is an issue that is best left when you find the appropriate group.

Daniel asks…

What's the best bang for the buck solar home power upgrade?

I live in Florida. I'm trying to figure out how to break into solar power without spending a lot of money and actually get some good ROI. Any average homeowners out there using solar power? How/what did you do? Thanks!

ssadmin answers:

My neighbor did this here in NY and he spent about $25K to go to solar. He sells back extra power he uses to the electric company. He also got a rebate from the electric company to pay for half of it. So you may have to put out a lot of money but I think he got about 25% refunded to him immediately and then he get some money every month for selling the electricity to the power company.

A super way to go right now because oil will go so high that electric bill will quadriple within 2 years time and so you will be very glad with any solar projects you took on. The sooner the better cause one year from now half the country will want to invest in this!

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