Your Questions About Solar Power

Daniel asks…

Can i solar power my security lights?

I have two 100w security lights on my garage, can i power these with solar power and what do i need?

ssadmin answers:

2 100 watts is a lot of power for a solar system. Could be expesive. Try a system that uses low wattage LED. The link is for a turn-key system that will actually work. It is not cheap. If you have grid power, use it with a battery backup system.

Richard asks…

How easy is it to upgrade a solar power inverter from a 2Kw?

I already have a solar power system installed at home. I have panels that make up 1.52 Kw and a 2 Kw inverter. I want to upgrade the system, and wondered if this is easy enough to do myself as the wiring and grid connection is already established? I am thinking of upgrading the inverter to a 3 + Kw one. Is this possible or is there additional installation required?

ssadmin answers:

I see no reason as to why you cannot use the 3Kw inverter using the same connections as you have on the 2Kw. The wiring has to be sufficient to take the increased current but you are still dealing with fairly low amps and I think it will be fine. Go ahead and try it.

Chris asks…

How long can the solar power systems remain sitched off?

I have recently installed solar power systems in my home. I need to go away for two months during which the house will remain closed. What do I do with the systems,leave it on or switch everything off for that period? Will this affect the charger,batteries or the inverter?

ssadmin answers:

The “solar power system” is irrelavent until you ask a few IMPORTANT questions.
Like what kind of a system do you have and what is it powering.
If you powering up the entire house, I doubt you want to turn the power to your freezer off for 2 months.
And it also depends on if you have a system that only powers your home during daylight hours or if its a system that provides total ‘off the grid' power to your home.
If you want to “conserve” on your system, your solar panels will continue to make electricity unless you throw a tent over your home, so you might as well allow the system to work just to keep the batteries in service and in use.
I'd recommend that you keep the breaker to the kitchen on to keep the frig going along with the solar system working. That way only the essentials are in use while your gone and the load is minimal on the solar system.

James asks…

how do I wire solar power into my homes breaker panel?

Hi, Have a solar power setup with panels, charge controller, batteries, inverter etc…

Now i just need to know how to wire it into my homes breaker panel. Can you please help?

ssadmin answers:

Not to be supercillious, but the others are right, in that if you have to ask this question, you should be seeking the help of an electrician. The service panel is nothing to be trifled with.

I'm taking a wild guess, but it sounds like you have a very small solar setup, and the inverter is not designed for grid-tie. If that is the case, you may wish to simply wire a completely independent circuit for your solar, or just use an extension cord / power strip to power a few devices. At least, that would be the best thing to do at first, to get a feel for how much power the system puts out.

Thomas asks…

Can solar power items work with a lightbulb rather than the sun?

I know solar power needs sunlight to work but can you use lightbulb light?

ssadmin answers:

Yes – but you have to have power to make the lightbulbs work, so you actually lose energy. If, however, you're perhaps hoping to use a solar-powered calculator for a final exam, take it into the room before hand to be sure that there's enough light to make it work.

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