Your Questions About Solar Power

Nancy asks…

How do you convert a gasoline vehicle to a solar power ?

I would like to save money on gas. How would you use solar power to supplement a gas engine?

ssadmin answers:

You can't convert an engine to solar power. The best you could do is have a complete electric vehicle and have a solar setup at home. There is no reasonable way to save money doing this though.

Michael asks…

What is the name of a product that can solar power charge your rechargeable batteries?

I use rechargeable batteries a lot, but they run out fast. I want to use solar power to recharge my batteries.

Is there a certain product I can hook up to any rechargeable battery? What is it called?

Thank you in advance.
has some what? Where's the name of the product?

ssadmin answers:

It would be called a “Solar Battery Charger”.
You also see them on LED Solar Powered Landscape Lights. The LED lights are powered by a rechargable AA battery, and the light power will eventually completely discharge by the end of night.
The small solar panel (on top) will again re-charge the rechargable batteries during the day, and when the sun goes down, the LED lights come on once again. This cycle repeats daily.

Some info on Solar Battery Chargers, as well as places to buy them, are listed below:

Ken asks…

How much does it cost to make a solar power plant?

How much does it cost to make a solar power plant so it gives off the same amount of power as a Nuclear power plant?

ssadmin answers:

This is a question with several differant answers…..

Depending on consuption if its going on a consuming structure co-generating

or a stand alone generation station. The most cost effective would be a hybrid


the thermal would heat a closed contained liquid and make steam to turn large turbine.

$150,000US will get u quite the little generator. $1,000,000US u have a major player

my general rule is $15us per sq ft of heating/cooling space.

I am presently puting together the single largest solar project of its kind. Entire subdivisions of low cost modular homes with the entire roof as the mini-generating station. So if u put up say 400 units. When this hole subdivision comes on line u have a major Generating Station.

Maitaining a plant with no moving parts to wear-out, well except to send some one to clean the panels off once every 6 months wound not be much up-keep……

The panels have 20 to 25yr warrenties and 30yr life

some put up in the late 60's r still generating.

Read more:

Ruth asks…

How to produce hydro electricity with solar power?

I want to use solar power to feed tank on 5 th floor, then i want to produce electricity as hydro electricity. I would like to know the technical as well as economical viability, I am in Nagpur, which have very good sunlight is available.

ssadmin answers:

Although your idea would work, you have to remember that changing energy from one form to another is an inefficient process. You'll only capture a small amount of solar energy for use to pump your water up and increase its potential energy. Then you only capture a small amount of your water's potential energy as it flows back down.

A better solution would be, if you're connected to an electric utility grid that allows you to sell electricity back, to generate excess electricity during the day, then draw electricity from the grid at night. If the electricity you sell during the day equals the electricity you buy during the night, you break even.

If you can't sell your electricity to the grid, use solar batteries. These will store electricity more efficiently than pumping water, meaning you'll lose less energy in total. Your solar panels will generate excess electricity during the day, charging up your solar batteries. Then, at night, you can draw electricity from the batteries.

Sandra asks…

How does solar energy create power for us to use?

I mean, how does solar power create electricity and heating? This is for a grade, so I'd appreciate it if you were positive. Please record the websitre or book you used. THANKS!

ssadmin answers:

Begin with the Wikipedia website.

Then look for specifics:
The energy from the Sun gives us light and heat.
The more energetic light photons can be used to knock off electrons from some atoms; the electrons can then flow through wires for electricity (photovolatic cells).
The heat from the sun evaporates water from oceans, forms clouds, rain on mountain sides: brooks, creeks, rivers… The solar energy is “stored” in the water currents as water flows back to the ocean. We intercept it to make turbines run (hydro-electricity).
Plants absorb the energy of Sunlight (chlorophyl). In trees, this becomes fibrous materials which, when buried for thousands of years, become coal. When we burn coal, we “release” the stored solar energy.
Animals eat plants (which, themselves, represent stored solar energy) and, when they are buried for thousands of year, turn to petroleum.

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