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Linda asks…

Evergreen Solar Announces $200 Million Sales Agreement With SunEdison?

(, Jul 24, 2006)Evergreen Solar, Inc., a manufacturer of solar power products, announced it will ship approximately $200 million of photovoltaic modules to SunEdison, LLC over the next five years ?its largest sales agreement to date.
“This agreement with SunEdison underscores the growth potential of our photovoltaic module product line and aligns our company with an emerging solar power leader,” said Richard M. Feldt, Evergreen Solar‘s president and chief executive officer. “The agreement also demonstrates the strategic importance of EverQ – our partnership with Q-Cells and Renewable Energy Corporation. The recent announcement of our intention to expand EverQ's capacity to 80MW in 2007 and up to 300MW by 2010 enables us to continue forging long- term customer agreements with solar industry leaders like SunEdison.”

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Ruth asks…

Domestic Solar Power – Is the cost worth it?

I've been considering installing solar power to my home for a while now … and particularly with the gas and electricity price hikes we've hand and are going to have, in mind…..
I've decided to change my boiler system to a combi because for me it's not really cost effective to heat a tank of water that I'm not going to use every day … and I've been asking for quotes for photovoltaic electricity ….
In principle it would seem to be a good idea to part-support my energy use by supplying my own…. but the costs are so expensive…. particularly for Photovoltaic (best quote I've had is £13,500 inc VAT, ex the Government grant of £2,500) – I'm wondering if an investment now is really worth it – or would I be better off leaving it for another couple of years in case installation prices come down?….

ssadmin answers:

I can't speak to your situation, because you live in the UK. I can however tell you here in the US it's not worth it yet. I build custom homes and have installed solar a number of times. This is what I know for sure…The cost here is around $30,000 and it will take 15 yrs to crecoup the investment. By then the system will be out of date and in need of replacment (because technology will have advanced by then). Right now it's more of a feel good, then a practical solution.

Look into a tankless water heater to save on your gas bill. Insulate, insulate, insulate. Make sure your winodws are as efficiant as possible, and your appliances are energy star.

Jenny asks…

Riddl me this, Riddle Me that? What is the most abundant convertable energy in the Cosmos and on Earth?

Check this out. The most abundant source of energy is all the photons from the Sun and all the stars in the known Galaxy. I quote this info from Mark Goldes, who has researched and proven that we can extract photonic power from the space time fabric. Photons are evenly spread through out all space. Plus you can generate 20 times the power than solar 24/7. Look below… Magnetic Power Inc’s mission is to supply the world with clean, abundant, and inexpensive electricity.
The company is developing technology it calls Magnetic Power ModulesTM. Based upon proprietary breakthrough discoveries in MPI's labs, Magnetic Power Modules are being designed that operate continuously, without fuel, extracting electricity by converting an abundant, renewable energy source that exists everywhere in the universe. The process will create no pollution. The cost of electricity is estimated to be significantly less than any competing form of power generation today or in the foreseeable future.
Check out these web sites and let me know what you think.


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David asks…

How much funding is needed for the 20k solar dish system being introduced in CA by stirling energy systems?

Stirling Energy Systems Inc. introduced a new solar power energy concept using parabolic dishes to focus heat from the sun and then transfer the heat to a stirling engine to produce electricity ( Solar– Electric). They worked with DOE and Sandia National Labs, in testing the prototype. Finally now that all of the corrections and verifications have been made, they are making a major plant in California of about 20,000 dishes. Does anyone know the approximate funding that is needed for this project? And has there been any major problems with the system (such as power efficiency, cost to power generation efficiency, Anything)?

ssadmin answers:

You might be able to get some info from this site.


Paul asks…

Setting up a solar powered LED night light?

Newbies with circuits, want to make a solar powered night light for my room. (inc. photoresistor)

ssadmin answers:

I agree that a relay is useless. Everything needs to be very low power (i.e. Use MOSFETs). Capacitors might work if you use the new “ultracapacitors”, or DLC's, which have huge capacitance and tiny leakage.
Since it's solar powered, you'll have a photocell. You can use this also as the light detector. When the photocell is producing current, charge your battery or ultracapacitor. When photocell voltage drops below some threshold, turn on the LED.
A simple way to go would be to use two or three photocells in series, and run through a diode to your battery/ultracapacitor. THen, run the battery/capacitor positive terminal to the source of a p-channel MOSFET, and run the drain to your LED (with a series resistor to control brightness). Control the gate of the MOSFET with the positive terminal of the photocells.
When the photocell voltage drops a few volts below the battery, the MOSFET will turn on, energizing the LED. When the photocell is .7V more than the battery voltage, the battery will charge.

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