Your Questions About Solar Power International

William asks…

Does the International Space Station use solar or Blutz Waves?

I was watching DBZ the other day and Vegeta said that they transform into Oozaru by using waves off the moon called “Blutz Waves.” So, I was wondering since the ISS is on the moon does it take direct solar rays for power or does it let them bounce off the moon and turn into Blutz Waves?

ssadmin answers:

Who told you the ISS is on the moon? It's in orbit around the Earth, about 250 miles up. The moon is 250,000 miles up. Your “Blutz Waves” are a fictional construct from Japanese Magna comics. They come from the imagination of a TV writer, not science.

Get your feet back on the ground, boy.

George asks…

Would it not be more sensible to power the international Space Station with a nuclear reactor instead of?

those cumbersome solar panels?

ssadmin answers:

That will give you heat. Now what would you do with it?

If you built a nuclear reactor system to generate electricity, it would need to be monitored and controlled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even when it's shut down you need a skeleton crew to operate it and monitor/control chemistry. It would keep the astronauts too busy to do anything else.

Carol asks…

solar power / wind tower fences ?

Just wanted to know why we cannot build solar power &/or wind tower fences to maintain our international boundries? Can also use tidal / wave motion to create minor barriers & provide energy, along our coastlines. They could provide platforms for monitoring, deterents & detection equipment as well as supplying additional energy reserves.

ssadmin answers:

Solar power would be OK for powering cameras on a fence. But DC power and low voltage AC power lose energy traveling long distances. Also solar panels should be slanted up to face the sun, which would also make them easier to climb. Wind towers are just big posts, so it would be wind towers + a regular fence.

John asks…

looking for a comp in Rajinder place, geyser heating water without electricity gas or solar power, pls help?

this unique water heating geyser was showcassed in India International Trade Fair two years back, they were located at Rajinder place, New Delhi. It heats water without using electricity, gas or solar power has magnesium rod (I think) in this cold water comes in and hot water comes out instantly when it comes in contact with the rod. Easy to handle just has a nozle which can be just attached to a tap. if anyone has any information regarding this company please email me.
Thanks and regards
I need to gift it to some people who are migrants from a different state, who dont have access to hot water and they are taking bath in cold water, i am worried they may contact pneumonia or be sick and i want to help them.
I really want to help them and the sites are not of any help.

ssadmin answers:

That should be able to get you there.

Http:// or that.

Nancy asks…

How much energy/petrol does the international space station require per year?

And is solar power the only source of energy to supply it?

ssadmin answers:

Petrol? 🙂
You can't use a fossil-fuel-burning generator in space because it would cost a huge amount to transport the fuel and the oxygen to burn it from earth. Also you would have to get rid of all the heat, which is not easy in a vacuum.

The ISS uses solar panels to provide all its electrical power. The panels are only illuminated half the time of course; when it is on the night side of earth they generate no electricity so the station runs off rechargeable battery packs during this time.
The total power available at any time is 110KW.

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