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Michael asks…

India's first solar power light?

BPL's latest product is a unique design of international class.A high performance LED,produces no pollution and creates flicker free light.Moreover its certified by India's foremost eye hospital..
A must buy…
You can check out more details at:

ssadmin answers:

The barefoot college have been producing solar powered lighting since 1986

‘though without such a big marketing buget (to get suitable endorsements) you might never have heard of all the work they do:-

“Barefoot solar engineers have installed solar photovoltaic (SPV) home lighting systems and fabricated produced solar lanterns across 10 states of India. The results include:

Solar electrifying 300 adult education centres.
Solar electrifying 870 schools across the country.
3530 solar lanterns manufactured at the College.
28 remote and inaccessible villages in Ladakh have 40 Kws of solar panels that provide three hours of light in the bleakest winter to 1530 families.
In Leh and Kargil districts, solar energy initiatives have saved a total of 97,000 litres of kerosene.
392 rural youth including women trained as barefoot solar engineers with absolutely no aid from urban professionals.
350 villages and hamlets(clusters) have been covered where a total number of 12000 households have been solar electrified.
195,000 litres of kersoene saved, by replacing generators and oil lanterns with solar power.
All solar panels have been installed, maintained and repaired by the village people without the assistance of any paper qualified engineer.”

Helen asks…

B, Ar, Ga, In solar powered cell?

I recently saw on an episode of prison break that this fictional covert international organization (the company) was planning on combining the elements boron, argon, gallium, and indium to produce a revolutionary solar technology that could be used to harness the sun's power. is this possible to produce?

ssadmin answers:

Yeah, I saw that episode too. Right after, I tried it, except I didn't have gallium so I used urine.

Works like a charm.

Nancy asks…

Do you oppose nuclear power?

i live in Florida and we have a nuclear power plant near Orlando international airport. i hear people bitch about the smoke going in to the air. but all that is is just steam water if you will how can that possibly hurt the air? now i know there's nuclear waste but you can just put that in a nuclear waste im not saying it good either just practical solar power cost way to much right as the technology is still expensive. but in my opinion nuclear is way better than coal power whats you take on nuclear power? a video that shows the process

ssadmin answers:

People who can't tell the difference between smoke and steam are definitely annoying. I used to live in Orlando though, and I'm pretty sure there is not a nuclear power plant there. From what I've read, there are only three nuclear facilities in all of Florida: two in South Florida and one in Crystal River.

What you're probably thinking of is the Stanton Energy facility, which is natural gas, not nuclear. Still, natural gas is pretty clean and doesn't produce smoke, although unlike nuclear it does produce CO2.

The cooling towers that are commonly associated with nuclear power are actually used in a lot of large scale power plants, nuclear or otherwise. I'm guessing we have the Simpsons to thank, at least partly, for the common misconception that large cement cooling towers are only used for nuclear.

Ruth asks…

What is the physics definiton of “power”?Please answer the following questions:?

1. An 85kg ice skater at rest pushes off the wall of the rink, so that he is coasting at 5m/s. How much work has been done by the skater's arms while pushing off the wall?
2. Every Kilogram of gasoline has about 45MJ of chemical potential energy stored in it. (1MJ = 10^6 J = 1, 000,000J)
a. If a car engine can convert 25% of the chemical energy into usable kinetic energy, how much energy could you get from a 25 L tank of gas?
b. What is the efficiency of this car engine?
c. Energy can not be destroyed, but a lot of it is not being converted in to kinetic energy. Where does the “lost” energy go, if it's not used to move the car?
3. Modern solar power generators have an efficiency of about 15%. Every second, every square meter at the top of the earth's atmosphere receives about 1300J of solar energy from the sun. If the international Space Station has 50m^2 of solar panels, how much useable energy do the solar panels collect every second?
What is the physics definiton of “power“?

ssadmin answers:

1. The skater has Kinetic Energy KE
=.5mv^2=.5*85*25=1062.5J This energy is the result of the skater pushing off the wall and so is equivalent to the work done.
2. You are told that exactly 1/4=25% of the energy in gas is converted to KE. 25% of a 25L tank is 6.25 a)
b. The efficiency is 25%
c. Heat, noise, plus exhaust fumes contain chemical energy.
3. GIven 1300J/s per square meter (Note: 1Joule per second is 1 Watt). Written
1300W/m^2. Now multiply by 50:
=65,000W=65,000J every second.

Laura asks…

Can someone please explain how earthquake survivors in Haiti will benefit from solar-powered bibles?

Earthquake survivors get solar-powered bibles

AS international aid agencies rush food, water and medicine to Haiti's earthquake victims, a US faith-based group is sending Bibles to Haitians in their hour of need. Not just any Bible. These are solar-powered audible Bibles that can broadcast the holy scriptures in Haitian Creole to 300 people at a time.

Called the “Proclaimer,” the audio Bible delivers “digital quality” and is designed for “poor and illiterate people”, the Faith Comes By Hearing group said.

According to their website, the Proclaimer is “self-powered and can play the Bible in the jungle, desert or … even on the moon!”

Is this not further proof that money is better given to secular charities such as the Red Cross? Can Christians please explain how this helps anyone and that is does not simply replace cargo space for food and medical supplies?

ssadmin answers:

“even on the moon!”

Sound waves now travel in near-perfect vacuum? Or is that special Bible magic?

Stupid religious boasting aside, these people don't need ancient fairy tales, they need food, shelter, medicine.

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