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Helen asks…

How do i get solar panels to light a model house?

For a class project me and my partner have to make a solar powered house. The lights have to work in the house. How do i get the lights to be powered by the solar panels? what do i need to get?

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Thank You

ssadmin answers:

It would be to impractical to use solar cells for your project, however most garden centers sell sidewalk lights that uses a solar cell to charge a battery and the lights come on when it gets dark. With a little ingenuity you could make it work, also theres the option of having mirror walls throughout the model and somehow aim direct sunlight into it.good luck.

Thomas asks…

Solar Power Homework Help?

Clearly explain how solar power is converted into electricity and how the conversion occors and explain each form of energy that is used.
– AND I am only asking for help because my partner doesn't do crap so she's not my partner anymore & i'm doing this by myself to keep my grade up . <3
& this is an expample of what I need ; except it's solar power . V
Thermal-(explainn) V
Electreical-(explain) V
-Nuclear (explain) V
&& so onn ! <3

ssadmin answers:

Textbooks books have been written on the subject.

But a short summary of what happens in a photovoltaic cell is essentially the materials used to construct the cell are materials that when the light photons strike them/their molecules, electrons get moved to higher energy orbitals or states and electrons get easily liberated long enough for their extra energy to get transferred to other electrons and the cumulative effect is a measurable current at a measurable voltage potential just like the electrochemical reaction of a battery. Because of the manner the compounds in the cell are assembled, they are also akin to a very large diode or transistor so all those electrons giving up their energy as electricity, are giving up energy that can migrate only one direction in the circuit.

The thermal effect is minimal, however the panels are absorbing solar energy.

This is an oversimplification of the process, but it gives you an idea of what is happening within the photocell. A more involved explanation would be paralleling the “hole theory” that describes transistors. There is not enough room here to expand on that.

One of the manufacturers of thin film solar panels would be a good site explore. If you were to query them for some specific textbooks, they could likely list more than a few.

Sandy asks…

Who is intrested to partner with Me to make good use of solar technology,wind powerz&biogas technology so as ?

Who can I partner with to make good use of solar&wind power &biogas

ssadmin answers:

Go out on your own. That way you can keep all of the profit and won't have to put up with a partner.

Robert asks…

Steam, Wind, Or Solar Powered Project?

For my science class me and a partner have to build a device powered by either wind steam or solar power. The device can do anything. But we want to have the biggest, Coolest project in the whole class! So got any ideas??

ssadmin answers:

A Zeppelin would be very nice I think. It could try to be in the same place measuring the velocity and direction of the wind and canceling it with motors powered by solar light. Or use the solar power to warm the air inside of the Zeppelin, or generate steam to keep the Zeppelin up. Or could even use the wind power to do it.

Nancy asks…

solar powered plane can control it via computer looking for a partner?

HEY i am in process of creating a 5ft long solar powered plane anyone know where i can get help??i already got solar powered motors…it will run during day time on solar power night via batteries will have built in cameras want to be able to control it wit computer and or controll which i can link to computer

i need help in developing the body of the plane etc as i can have it design in china also with solar panels built into wings with battery

it will run on solar power also i want to have battery just in case it fails i already got a manufacture who can supply solar powered motto for it

ssadmin answers:

Good luck

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